Maybe It Will All Work Out

I can’t help but take everything I see lately as a sign for something. 

Just last week my grocery bill came out to $31.00 EVEN. And over the past month I’ve been seeing the same non-Florida license plates on different cars. WTH?!

I convinced myself bad fortune was coming my way.

I don’t truly believe in any higher power, but this is what I do when I’m anxious and vulnerable. My senses are heightened and on overdrive. So, naturally, when I saw this lonesome little pineapple bobbing in the bay, “ALONE FOREVER” flashed in my mind one or fifteen or eighty six times before I made it home from my evening run.


But it’s easy to blow things out of proportion a little (a lot) during big life changes, right? It’s easy to get all caught up in the micro, not the macro because the little details are the ones in front of our faces.

I got home, recovered from my mini panic attack and thought, hey, maybe I’m just reading the signs wrong.

Maybe it’s good luck that my grocery bill came out to an even dollar amount, because then it’s easier to balance my checkbook.

Maybe seeing the same non-Florida license plates over and over is the universe telling me I’m ready to cross to state lines and start a new adventure.

And maybe, LINDSAY, that brave little pineapple floating on the bay means you can weather a storm with the best of them, come up for air and survive, goddammit.

Maybe it’s just how we see it. Maybe it will all work out.

I hope that little guy found his way home.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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