Push Picks x SEP 29 17

This week’s Push Picks is coming to you from my laptop propped up on an ExtraSpace Storage moving box. BECAUSE I AM FREAKING MOVING TO COLORADO IN TWO DAYS. 

I have been looking forward to this day for awhile—I’ve had dreams about it—but it didn’t feel real until I was turning in my badge at work.

But here we are! And it feels good because I haven’t felt good about much the last year. I’m going to deep-dive into the move a bit later, but today is all about the Push Picks.

Lez go.

Sunrise views.

I was on the final few miles of my last Thursday morning group ride, and I caught—that epic moment when the sun breaks the horizon line and all of Tampa Bay glows bright orange. It was pure magic.  

Clif bars.

I’ve done a lot of bar taste testing this past year, and Clif Bars have always come out on top for me. They don’t have a ton of crazy ingredients, they are easy on my stomach, and they taste REAL good when enjoyed with iced coffee halfway through a long ride. These two flavors are tied as my favorites!

This. Friggin. Quote.

I’m working on this because, for so long, I didn’t, and that really hurt some of the most important people in my life. I feel like this should go on a t-shirt.

Live comedy shows. 

Ok. Let’s be clear here: I am not proud of that last photo. But when you get to a theater an hour early and the bar is open…well…one glass of wine turns into several and then suddenly you’re abusing Instagram stories, chatting it up with strangers next to you, and embarrassing your best friend in public. I AM SO FUN, GUYS.

A couple years ago, my friend Tim and I went to see one of our favorite comedians, John Mulaney. He puts on such a great show. So when we heard he was coming back to town, we bought tickets immediately then counted down the days. Belly laughs beat everything. A few other co-workers went, too, and it was the perfect “goodbye.” I will miss this kid so much.

Daily Eats. 

If you’re an OG a runnaroundd life subscriber, you’ll remember this spot. My mom and I needed packing fuel, so we stopped by for breakfast two mornings in a row. And it tasted even better after a night of wine for dinner. WHOOPS.

Throwing things away. 

The best feeling in the world is a burning hot shower. And the second best feeling is throwing things away, especially when there are painful memories attached to them. I kept things around for awhile that weren’t supporting my mental or emotional health, and weren’t serving any purpose other than digging up memories from a life I don’t live any  more. I threw away 10+ bags of stuff and felt like I had cleansed my heart a little bit.

Do something special for yourself this weekend. Tell someone you love them—and why. Sweat a little bit and then savor a meal. Make plans for a few weeks from now and start a countdown.

Tell me one of your picks!

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

4 Replies to “Push Picks x SEP 29 17”

  1. I just bought a White Chocolate Macadamian Nut Cliff Bar, not I just need to mentally tell myself to run 15 miles tonight.

    That quote is very true. I find that sometimes you can make your more of a point with silence or flat out ignoring someone.

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