TPA >>> BDR: Days Three and Four

Day three. Holy SH*T.

I am not a driver. What I mean is: I don’t drive a lot unless I have to. For the past five years I rode my bike to work. My little 8-year-old Honda Civic has just 63,000 miles on it. Sitting in traffic is my personal hell. You get it.

So, yesterday, when I finally got to my hotel in Kansas City, KS after about nine hours on the road, I thought I had done permanent damage to my brain and my body. I am NOT used to sitting and staring and sitting and staring for that long. And not to mention, road food is terrrrible, so my nutrition has super sucked the last few days.

When I FINALLY pulled into the hotel and dragged my body out of my car, I called my mom to catch up and bursted into tears…out of nowhere. Then later that night I stood under a burning hot shower just sobbing. I felt drunk. My emotions were all over the place and I didn’t want to see anything but the inside of my eyelids.

Is that dramatic? Of course. But it’s just not something I am used to. And, overall, the drive wasn’t bad. It was just LONG. AS. HELL.

Here are some shots from day three, Murfreesboro, TN to Kansas City, KS: 

After a kinda half-assed workout at the hotel gym, I had some breakfast (2x) then hit the road around 8ish.

Flat highway turned into rolling hills and tight turns. I wish I had a co-pilot on this trip to not only share the driving, but to let me get some photos. The city skylines, long and winding rivers, tall bridges and big open blue skies were stunning.

The drive started to get really not fun around hour 7ish. At that point, I had listened to so many podcasts that I couldn’t even process the content and started to not hear them anymore. My mind was exhausted. I flipped on the radio at one point and all I could find were Christian channels. Preach, but uhhh no, not my jam.

Because I was so wrecked, I decided to break up day four (today) into two days. I was supposed to do another nine-er and get to Colorado by this evening (Tuesday) but there’s no way in hell that was happening, so today was a short one.

Day four. Muuuch better. (And my birthday!), Kansas City, KS to Hays, KS: 

Two hundred sixty seven miles sounded much easier than 600 miles. (Also, not sure why that says *walk* not *drive*) Dead brain cells, remember?

I was pretty bummed to spend my birthday on the road, but I’ll get to celebrate in Colorado tomorrow with some of my favorite people. We are almost there!!

Here are some shots from day four: 

I started off the day with a run outside because I couldn’t stand the thought of another treadmill run. I dragged myself up and down the massive Kansas hills near my hotel; it was absolutely beautiful. There were these crackly, country roads hidden behind adorable neighborhoods…it all reminded me of my hometown of East Aurora, NY. That was definitely the perfect way to kick of my birthday.

The Legends Outlet Mall was just a short walk from my hotel, so I walked around there for a bit for some fresh air before I checked out and hit the road toward Hays, a 4ish hour drive.

So many people warned me that Kansas would be the most epically boring leg of the journey…but it’s been my favorite so far! the I-70 West stretch of two-lane highway looks like it was carved right into the state’s geography. It cuts right through these massive rolling hills paralleled by farmland for as far as you can see. Hundreds of cows and horses were grazing peacefully as the cars and trucks whizzed by.

I was on the road for about 2.5 hours before I came upon these HUGE windmills. There were hundreds of them! It looked like aliens had just dropped them right onto the countryside. Each one was spinning their ginormous blades round and round. I almost pulled over onto the shoulder for a decent photo. But this is what I got.

The whole drive I wondered how and why people lived in places like these—desolate and disconnected. But I think that’s maybe also the draw, right? Or maybe all they have ever known? Aside from the “JESUS SAVES” signs and super disturbing anti-abortion posters that show up every couple miles, I think I get it.

I made good time to Hays, rolling in around dinner time. There’s a Walmart down the road, which, in this town, is probably also a major attraction, so I pulled in for some much-needed reinforcements.

Ah, yes, Jesus truly does save. 🙏🙏 🙏 Food and fuel stops along the highway apparently don’t know what vegetables are, so I’m doing everything I can to keep my gut health in check.

Just one more day on the road, and my best girl and I will be climbing up some mountains. WE ARE SO EXCITED.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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