TPA >>> BDR: Day Five

Day five was the best day ever. (Read: WE MADE IT TO COLORADO)

Everyone warned me that the stretch across Kansas was going to be the most boring leg of the trip. Yes, it had its *yawn* moments, but overall I loved the drive. Kansas is wide open on either side of the highway, it has rolling hills filled with grazing animals, and itty bitty towns and itty bitty food and fuel stops every so often filled with locals who have only ever been locals. It rained for a bit, but let up after a few hours.

My last day on the road, like each day before that, began with a workout. I was pretty lucky with hotel gyms along the way. If we have a treadmill and some weights, we’re in business. I pounded it out for a good hour, then headed down to my last (THANK GOD LAST) hotel breakfast. I love eggs and oatmeal, but there are only so many mornings I can eat a hotel’s version of eggs and oatmeal, no matter what kind of fancy green things they sprinkle over top.

First world problems times 1,000.  

We hit the road around 9:30 a.m. and listened to Serial (again). I feel like the more I listen to it, the closer I’ll get to solving the case. Maybe next time. #mailkimp

After realizing I’d need one more full listen before I could single-handedly free Adnan…I saw it. There it was! THE COLORADO STATE SIGN.

Just like this entire chapter of my life, it snuck up on me. And made me so much happier than I could’ve ever imagined. I hung on to that sight. I moved into the right lane, shouting to no one: “OMG! There it is! I’m in Colorado! We are here! We made it! Oh my gosh!”

I shouted it, tears ran down my cheeks. After months of dreaming about it, here we are. Two time zones and a boat load of bad feelings away from a place I thought I’d live in for…not ever but much longer. A place I was too afraid to leave.

Pure joy washed over me. A refresh was in order and I was finally getting it.

I was on the edge of my seat the next couple hours. Podcasts played but I barely heard them. About 30 miles from Denver, mountains appeared above the horizon. Giant, rocky mountains—like dark sandcastles—towered over the teeny tiny buildings below.

The rain had cleared, just in time for me to explore my brand new town with some of my favorite people.

I feel so lucky to be here, but eternally grateful my cousin took me in at a time I needed it the most. I’ll never be able to thank her enough.

This is good. I can feel it when I step outside. I can smell it when the wind blows.

I like to push as much as the next animal, but now I know which direction to go.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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