My First Colorado Snowfall

If you’ve ever gone to sleep on Christmas Eve without a trace of snow in sight and woken up the next morning to a fresh, powdery blanket covering every inch of grass, sidewalk, and rooftop…you know the magic. 

Sunday night we all knew it was coming; everyone in the area knew it was coming. Our beautiful, sunshiney day in the 60s was set to do a 180 overnight, dropping buckets of rain and snow all over our little town.

I was so excited. We flipped on the heat in preparation and sure enough, Monday morning, I woke up inside a snow globe. What a gift. And it fell all morning and all afternoon. 

In Buffalo, I would have dreaded going outside onto the cold, wet, slushy streets. But yesterday I couldn’t wait to lace up my sneakers and take them for a spin around the neighborhood.

I sought out the crisp, untouched sheets and pranced through them; I think I smiled the whole time and at everyone I saw: neighbors shoveling their driveways and cleaning off their cars, store owners opening their shops and brushing off the front steps, the construction guys assessing how much work they could actually get done as big, flaky chunks continued to fall.

My lungs burned and churned to keep up with my heavy breathing. I could feel my house key bounce around in my front pocket as I huffed and puffed up a big hill, then glided down the other side.

If it were up to me, I’d call everyone out of work and school for a snow day—just to enjoy it, ya know?

Six miles later, with sopping wet hair, a cold sweat clouding my face, and a right shoe filled with melted snow, I rounded the block and made it back to our front door. If I hadn’t had somewhere to be, I would’ve re-traced my steps over and over for another six miles, or until my fingers and toes turned into ice cubes.

I have a different perspective here, and a different heart.

Maybe it’s the frustrating but freeing combination of being out of a job for awhile and tuning into what truly makes me happy. Like, figuring out in all this free time where I want to spend my time, and who with. Does that make sense? I’m still trying to work it out in my own head.

It’s Tuesday morning and it’s already warming up, the snow dissolving into the pavement it seems. It’s like the day after Christmas where the joy begins to fade. I guess that’s why it’s so important to soak up every second while you can.

Now I have a real snowy Christmas to look forward to.

Push on (in the snow!), PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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