Push Picks x OCT 13 17

After really talking up my Push Picks posts…I totally missed last week. Do I get a hall pass, though? Because not only had I just moved 1,800 miles and two time zones to the left, but I also couldn’t remember where I put my laptop or my brain. 🙏 But I’ve, thankfully, found both and we are back this week!

It has been a crazy October already, and we’re barely halfway through! Crazy but also refreshing, and yet sometimes frustrating, and a little bit unknown…but still completely wonderful. You follow me, homie? My last bunch of posts make that mess of a sentence easier to understand.

I’m happier here. That’s the important thing.

But we’re not here for more feelings. We’re gathered here today to get into this push animal’s picks. Let’s do it.

French press coffee.

The family I’m living with doesn’t have a coffee maker. THE HORROR. She has a Keurig machine, which is super convenient, but the problem with those little k-cups is they are super environmentally UN-friendly AND this animal drinks like way more than one k-cup’s worth of coffee in the morning. The french press has been my best bud, and it’s helped me slow down a little and enjoy every sip. Currently brewing: Seattle’s Best French Vanilla with cinnamon.

My commute—to anywhere.

When I’m headed toward Boulder—which I am a lot—this is my view, and it only gets more spectacular the closer I get. Sometimes I don’t mind getting stuck in traffic just so I can sit, turn up the radio, and take it all in. I FREAKING LIVE HERE.


The second (third?) night I was here, my cousin and her husband took me to Community in Lafayette. It’s this adorable restaurant/bar that serves local beer and seasonal dishes. They switch up their menu every so often, which is how I eat anyway—eat what’s good when it’s good. Simple.

I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to have a taste of a few things, so it was nice to see they had “Sip. Swig. Chug.” options. I could actually finish what I ordered instead of taking a few sips from a huge beer and wasting it (which I, unfortunately did, a few nights ago).

These two are grapefruit something or other and uhhh fruit….ale? Ugh, I can’t remember. They sound froofy but were SO delicious. 10/10 would recommend if you’re visiting or live in the area.

REI’s YouTube series.

I have been all over the REI Presents videos on their channel. The storytelling is awesome, and the video they capture is pure magic. Each one highlights a person and their unique journey through life or sports or both. Everyone really does have an amazing story to tell, and these videos prove it. I watched about four the other night.

My favorite:

Oiselle Cat Lady jacket.

I feel like the closer you get to 30, the less and less appropriate it is to make a Christmas list, yeah? I’m getting pretty close, so this year my list is more of a treat-yourself kinda deal.

Oiselle keeps coming out with new jackets that I am ALL ABOUT, especially now that I live in Colorado and have a true need for long sleeves and fur-lining. The Cat Lady jacket is THAT.

Bike Tribes.

A couple days ago I was strolling Pearl Street and stopped into a book store JUST TO BROWSE. Because you know how “just browsing” always ends up, right?

I bee-lined to the sale shelf because ain’t nobody got the money for $25 hardcovers, ya feel? I picked up Bike Tribes, planted myself in front of the table, and read about 30 pages, shifting from foot to foot until I finally realized I was in everyone’s way and the associate had a JUST-BUY-IT-ALREADY look on her face.

I didn’t buy it. But I ordered it on eBay for half price as I was eating lunch at the deli next door.  Sigh.

Lindsay’s Deli.

Speaking of Deli. I stopped at my namesake shop for a sandwich. This was probably the one and only day in the history of my life where I “forgot” about lunch. I wasn’t feeling good all day so that probably had something to do with it.

Once I walked inside and smelled the toasted bread my stomach was growling like crazy. I got the Pearl St. Garden Veggie and my god it hit the spot. I sat outside in the sunshine enjoying every bite while people-watching. Meanwhile, behind me there was a guy playing a piano while hanging upside down from a tree. #KeepBoulderWeird

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. What are your picks?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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