Stay On Earth (Tampa, FL) or Save Humankind (move to Colorado)?

Last night I watched Interstellar, that movie starring Matthew McConaughey and no one else important. Except for Matt Damon who made an unimpressive appearance, and Michael Caine who played the bad guy. But McConaughey’s accent was who I showed up for. I could listen to that man read a phone book for goodness sake.

Anyway. Interstellar has a crazy plot I barely followed with all sorts of math, science, and physics that bent my mind and made me feel like all I could do was trust them. I’ll never prove or disprove any of that black hole talk like the Internet trolls can.

The meat of the plot was Cooper’s (McConaughey’s) moral dilemma: 1) Leave Earth and potentially die while attempting to save humankind and never see his family again, or 2) Stay with his family on Earth and die an inevitable death but die together. Very juicy.

It felt like the two big, awesome choices I struggled with back in Tampa before I put my flag in the ground and left:

1. Do the big, crazy thing (move to CO) and risk a lot for a chance at something amazing, or

2. Play it safe, stay put (Tampa, FL), but maybe not be completely happy.

I wrestled with these two for months because, by nature and upbringing, I’m not a risk-taker. I like to think of myself as one when I eat some spinach that maybe expired the day before, or those vulnerable moments in an H&M dressing room when I really think I can pull off the high waisted jeans trend. But that’s about as far as I’ve pushed my boundaries…

…until a few months ago when I felt like leaving Earth (Tampa) would be the only way for me to save my world (find happiness again).

If, right now, you find yourself where I was—at the crossroads of #1 and #2—I have a suggestion for you:

Try to imagine how you will feel and what life will look like five years down the road in both situations. Don’t look at the right now because it’s too close. 

I was on a hamster wheel in Tampa, and if I had stayed, I think five more years there would’ve looked about the same as the last five. Thinking ahead to living in Colorado made me feel like I could hit reboot on my life, discover new passions, meet new people. Sure, there was more risk in the decision to move, but there was also more hope.

And I hope this helps any of you like it helped me…whether you are about to save all of mankind or maybe just your own life.

*Informal Interstellar movie review: (3.5/5) It is very long, the effects are weird, the science was WAY over my head, but McConaughey’s sweet sweet voice is worth your time.*

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6 Replies to “Stay On Earth (Tampa, FL) or Save Humankind (move to Colorado)?”

  1. This is so funny for me to read, let me explain 😊 I’ve followed your blogging journey for awhile now as we made a slightly more planned move to the Tampa area from PA more than 3 years ago. We emersed ourselves in the real life here in Florida by following real people with real things to say about the area. But just as something bit us and gave us the urge to move to Tampa we have been struggling for a few months now wanting a change and needing mountains in our back yard once again. In our research Boulder Is still number 1 on the list and in looking for real people one again you came up😊 I was sad to read of your accidents and homesickness but will say with certainty it will get better. I hope you continue to enjoy your new area and also take pride in the hard work and effort you have put in to get there and make it work. It takes strength and courage to do that, many dream of what you’ve done but will never be able to take that first step. Take care and we can’t wait to read and learn more😊

    1. Oh wow thanks!! This totally made my day—thanks for following my crazy journey haha. I will say right now: Boulder is one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever lived in/near (I’m about 10 miles outside the city). And the people here are laid back, inspired, and super health conscious which is great. Highly suggest a visit!! 🙂

      1. Thank you for the information😊 We Have a plan to make a final decision by spring then work out the timeline from there. Different dynamics when moving with a pre-teen but we’re all ready for a change and new place to explore😊 I’m actually bookmarking your posts with the gorgeous scenery to share with my boys tonight so can’t thank you enough!!

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