Push Picks x OCT 10 20 17

Maybe we should call today’s installment of Push Picks: “rad podcast episodes and hilarious tweets.” My favorite peeps to follow were ON FIRE this past week. And since I love words so much, the Podcasts and Twitter apps are my two most used and loved on my phone.

Unless I’m working—which requires instrumental music or silence—I listen to podcasts. On runs, bike rides, while I’m driving, shopping, cooking, or even picking up groceries. Pretty much any time it is acceptable to have headphones in my ears. And Twitter is where I get my news, follow my favorite people, get the play-by-play on running and cycling races, and find a laugh when I need one. I like that both platforms are, essentially, two types of conversations with, from, and for the communities we choose to be part of. So cool.

That was a lot. Here are the picks, mmmk?

Nicole Antoinette’s podcast interview with Lauren Fleshman: “On pregnancy, parenthood, and being authentic.”

Nicole’s podcasts are long form discussions, often lasting a couple hours; her thing is stripping away all layers and getting real with her guests about their unique stories, struggles, thoughts about the world and, in the end, making people feel less alone in their thoughts. She likes to say, “No one is a special snowflake—there is always someone else out there who is going through exactly what you are going through.” It’s refreshing and amazing real talk.

Nicole has had Lauren on a few times, and each episode is better than the next. One thing you maybe don’t know about me is I LOVE listening to conversations surrounding women’s health and pregnancy.  I know. It’s super weird because I am not even a little bit close to having kids, but us women are friggin’ amazing and the things our bodies can do is a damn miracle. Lauren and Nicole go real deep on these topics and Lauren shares her un-PC thoughts on how she really feels about this stage of her life—being a mom, working through pregnancy, and how sorta disgusted she is by her own belly even though it’s growing a human life. I swear, I wanted the conversation to go on for another hour.

Tina Muir’s podcast interview with Devon Yanko: “You can reach your dream by focusing on the process.”

Tina’s interviews aren’t as deep as Nicole’s or as long, but she definitely hits on some topics and feelings in life, running, and the intersection of those two things that maybe people don’t want to or aren’t comfortable talking about.

Devon, ultrarunner for Oiselle and Hoka, said something that made me stop mid-trail and type into my phone notes: “Your identity cannot be tied to an outcome.” WHOA, right? I’ll probably do a longer post on this but…WHOA. So freaking true. My identity—whether it be runner, cyclist, or writer—can’t be tied to an outcome because what happens if I never achieve that big amazing goal? For example: qualifying for a race. Suddenly, we’re let down and our identity as that thing or that person doesn’t feel real or warranted. SO JUICY. Please listen.

The Crossfit Podcast’s interview with Dr. Bob Spears.

Not only do I love women’s health and pregnancy, but I LOVE Crossfit. I don’t do Crossfit and probably never will, but it’s one of my favorite sports to follow. I consume as much content from them as I can, I follow the top athletes, listen to several different Crossfit-related podcasts, do a countdown to the Games—I can’t get enough of it!

This episode from the HQ with Dr. Spears is amazing. He’s an anesthesiologist based in California. At 55, he was overweight and unhealthy, as many doctors today are. He knew he needed a lifestyle change so he cleaned up his diet and started Crossfit. At 60, he is healthier than ever and feels better about being an example for his patients. His story is amazing and these interviews are always entertaining. I kick myself that I didn’t go into the health field in college.

Brett S. Vergara on Twitter.

Switching gears. This guy is my favorite on Twitter. This tweet. And this tweet. And also this tweet. I only wish my Twitter game could be as good as his.

This Bar Saves Lives granola bars.

My cousin’s husband’s brother plays some part in manufacturing these and he came home with a boat load of them. They are SO delicious and I’ll have to buy more once they’re gone. Plus, they help feed children in need. Very cool. Big fan.

Bike Tribes.

This book is so good and really funny. I read some of it last night as I was watching the sun set over the Davidson Mesa trail. I think dusk is my favorite time of day around here. It’s still warm but starting to cool down as the sun goes below the mountains, and everyone is out walking their dog or hiking the open space trails. The best!

Speaking of trails. I’ve only been here two weeks and I am already playing favorites: Marshall Mesa

This is definitely my favorite trail to run/walk/hike since I’m out of biking commission. It has some pretty steep uphills but also a good amount of flat, rocky areas. Even though it doesn’t look to bad from the beginning, I always stop in the same spot at the top of a steep climb and hunch over with my hands on my knees, heaving in and out to catch my breath. It’s kind of an amazing feeling 🙂

Aaaand that’s all I’ve got. What are your picks this week?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

4 Replies to “Push Picks x OCT 10 20 17”

  1. I really enjoy Nicole’s podcast. I started listening based on your recommendation a while ago. Have you been following her AZ hike on Instagram? It’s pretty amazing!

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