Colorado Is Trying To Kill Me: Accident #2

My. Life. Is. In. Pieces. Maybe that is dramatic, but there is truth in it. Let me explain.

Accident #1: Three weeks ago I was hit by a car while riding my bike. One of my shifters broke off, my leg was torn up, and the pedals were pretty jacked up. But, all things considered, I got pretty lucky.

Accident #2: Two days ago I was in a car accident. I was on my way to see Where Dreams Go To Die. I had been waiting to see this show since I moved here! This accident, though, was my fault. I was following too close and when the guy hit his brakes, I didn’t brake fast enough, unfortunately. My hood crunched in, my headlights crumbled, fluids bled from below, and I started bawling immediately. Everyone was ok, and the driver I rear-ended was one of the nicest guys you could meet. “It’s just a car. It can be fixed.” is what he said to me between my snotty sobs. He even joked about getting two tickets for going over 90 mph on the highway. (!!!) 

It hurts just to look at it.

So, yeah. Pieces. My poor bike is sitting in a pile of carbon fiber in my living room, waiting for the insurance check to pay for her repairs. And Muffin, my trusty Honda Civic, that drove me 1,800 miles from Florida to Colorado is parked out front of our house looking like a D.A.R.E. “DRIVE SAFE” warning to other motorists.


I didn’t want to talk about this one because I’m a great driver. I’ve never even had one speeding ticket in my life, no points on my license, no nothing. And I can parallel park the shit out of anything. But here we are. 

I think Colorado is trying to ax me because this is some Final Destination stuff right here.

On Monday morning, the day after the accident, I picked up a rental car at Enterprise, just about a mile down the road. I was the first one there, so I surveyed all the cars on the lot, hoping I’d get to drive that sporty Toyota Rav SUV that, no doubt, had heated seats.

I was trying to find some sort of good in the situation, OK? 

I waited and waited. When an Enterprise rep showed up, he handed me the keys to…a Hyundai Accent. Which, ironically, is the make and model of the car that took me out on my bike.

Kinda funny but also not really.

They say bad things happen in threes. If that’s true I have one more, so I hope the next “bad thing” isn’t as bad as the first two. Like, maybe the grocery store mysteriously runs out of my favorite peanut butter…or I don’t get my usual parking spot at work. I don’t know. Something on the mild side would be fantastic. I’m pretty over accident claims, insurance representatives, and hospital visits right now.

Be safe out there. And push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>


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