Push Picks x NOV 3 17

The first November Push Picks! And it’s on time! I thought this one might go up late because this week has been totally nuts. I took a day of recovery to kinda sorta get my life back together after my second accident, then it was foot on the floor through early mornings and late nights of double shifts and freelance work on the side.

I’m tired just thinking about it. Today is my last double shift for just a couple days, which will be wonderful. Then it’s back to it on Monday.

But you’re not here for my wimpy kiddy baby whining. Let’s get onto the Push Picks. I have a lot this week so hold on tight.

1. Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha. I’m a kombucha hype woman; I love the stuff and even used to brew my own back in Tampa. I found this on one of my afternoon lunch breaks and now it takes all of my willpower to not buy it every afternoon. And a cool thing about it is they make it with Colorado snowmelt! You can’t say that about many other brands. If you’re a Coloradan, get your paws on this flavor ASAP.

2. Organic Sandwich Company. Let me introduce you to the Chickpea & Avocado sandwich which is now my new favorite but also wildly overpriced. Actually, everything on their menu is just too much in my opinion, but it hit the friggin spot after a long day at work. This is also where I found Rowdy Mermaid. There are only two locations: one is where I live and the other is where I work. Perfect.

3. Bess Harrington Carter’s blogThis girl. She is a breath of fresh air, her style is DIALED and her workouts are some of my favorite. They are easy, effective, and they obviously work—look at the woman! She just tells it like it is and I want to be her when I grow up.

4. Ear Hustle. One of my last Push Picks posts was mostly podcasts because I listen to them any free minute I have to shove headphones in my ears. And now I have another one for you: Ear Hustle. Each episode is a story about life inside prison and it is hosted by a Nigel Poor, an artist in the Bay area, and Earlonne Woods who is an inmate at San Quentin State Prison. I was hooked after just one and listen every week.

5. Stranger Things Season 2. OMG SEASON TWO, RIGHT?! No spoilers here for those of you still watching, but…OMG SEASON TWO. I hope they have so many seasons…they have to after the last episode, right?! DEAD.

6. More beautiful run views. Did I mention that I sorta kinda love Colorado? I was getting real down about not acclimating very well to the hills and the elevation and all that and a friend at work told me it takes an average of three months for a person to really feel like themselves. WHEW. Here I am thinking I’ll be huffing and puffing for the rest of my life above the clouds… It’s worth the suffer with these amazing views.

7. Cold weather running = new gear. It occurred to me this week as I wrestled my clothes from the washer to the dryer that I haven’t purchased cold weather running gear in about seven years. SEVEN YEARS. I never really needed it living in Tampa, FL. The jackets I have are from high school—plus maybe a few light jackets I picked up in college—and the long sleeves I have are race shirts I got for free at packet pick-ups. I’ve been scoping out some new things and I can’t get over Nike’s cold weather jackets. They honestly haven’t changed in those seven years…but they don’t need to because they last so long.

8. Boxcar Coffee Roasters. Working at Rapha has turned me into a coffee snob…or at least that’s the direction it’s heading. My co-workers/manager/mentor is a coffee aficionado and he’s showing me the ropes around the coffee bar. Boxcar is where we get our beans and they are right next door! I stopped in yesterday morning for a cup before work—and because I know all the peeps working there—and they not only make coffee taste good, but look all fancy, too. Which is just as important in my book 😉

9. Rapha Boulder Clubhouse. It’s starting to feel more and more like home these days, not only because I spend so much time there, but because I’m meeting TONS of the cycling community there. In case any cycling peeps read this, I’ve already met Taylor Phinney (swoon), Andy Hampsten, Mark Polin, Caley Fretz, Michael Better, Meredith Miller (who I actually work with now), and so many more “important peeps” whom you’d never know actually did amazing things like race professionally because they’re so down to earth. But my co-workers? They’re just pros at being amazing friends and teachers.

I actually have more picks, but this list is long enough for a Friday. Have an amazing weekend and push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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