Push Picks x NOV 10 17

I’ll be damned if this post doesn’t go out by MIDNIGHT on Friday, November 10th. I deemed Fridays Push Picks days so let’s stay on schedule and DO THIS THING.

But first, a life update/tangent/something I noticed:

The reason I was almost tardy for this party? The weeks get away from me. I often forget what day it actually is because I don’t have true weekends anymore. And I’m finding that I’m not LIVING for those two days off like I used to. I don’t dread getting up and leaving for work (know this: I DID NOT dread going to my last job in Tampa whatsoever, but there was more stress in my life back in Florida which made everything feel hard). I don’t feel anxious or stressed about a Monday when I get into bed on Sunday night. I have close to 0% professional responsibility right now which is good and bad for a lot of reasons but…that’s another post. What all this means: I’ve noticed a shift in my life and schedule and I think moving out here was like hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL and resetting. It feels good.

Anyway…this post is Push Picks, so let’s get into it.


Unfortunately, it didn’t stick (GET IT I AM FUNNY RIGHT) around very long. But I got in a handful of nine-milers while it lasted. Can’t wait until we get some more in a couple weeks.

HOLIDAY CUPS! + frothed soy milk.

My go-to Starbucks order is a Blonde roast with steamed soy and a couple sweetener. It doesn’t get any better. Some people knock Starbucks, saying the only reason it’s good is because it is consistently bad. UM OK BYE, FELICIA.


More specifically, the Salomon Sense Ride. (I really started researching the brand when Jamil Coury raved about them.) My last pair of shoes wasn’t cutting it. They were road shoes, and couldn’t handle the amount of trail miles I was doing. So, this evening I ran to my local running store in my old pair, bought these new shoes, threw out my other ones, ran to trails to test them out, then headed home. It was great! So far, I love the way they transition so easily and comfortably from road to trails and back.

I’m going to do more in-depth review once we’ve gotten to know each other a little better 😉 For now: two cold thumbs up.


I’m working two part-time jobs right now and both have some wardrobe requirements. One of them? Neutral shoes. Instead of buying two pairs, I looked all over for one that I could wear to both jobs and the Sperry Ariel Beck Rain Boot is it! It doesn’t look or feel like a traditional rain boot, so I’m wearing these just about every day rain or shine and not getting sick of them; they match everything! Pro tip: They are half the Sperry brand price at Marshall’s right now.


Evo Hemp bars are similar to LÄRABAR except better, in my opinion. We have shelves of these at one of my jobs and, when I work early mornings, I like to have one with my coffee. The thing is…I don’t know if we are actually allowed to have them. I haven’t asked because I don’t want them to cut me off. They are so good. This stays between you and me, GOT IT?!

Aaaaand I think that wraps things up.

Question for you: what are your favorite winter running gloves/mittens? My fingers are FREEZING out here, and I refuse to cut my runs short simply because I can’t decide on a decent pair. Leave some links, pretty please?

And as always: Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>


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