Push Picks x Nov 24 17: What Deserves Space?

Push Picks would be the perfect place to insert a holiday gift guide. I’m not doing that because I am pretty over gift guides. Are you? One of my Twitter pals reminded me how they totally miss the spirit of the holidays. And I agree.

They’re just…stuff.

This move out to Colorado forced me to downsize my stuff big time (read: get rid of just about everything that wouldn’t fit in my car) and made me appreciate the fact that more THINGS doesn’t and will never equate to happiness. All I need is a bike, running shoes, and my planner (I LIVE out of my planner) and I’m golden.

I have less than I’ve ever had right now and somehow I’m happier out here up in the mountains—with half the clothes and no furniture to my name—than I’ve been in a very, very long time. A lot factors into that happiness, of course: less stress, mountains everywhere, gobs of sunshine, amazing food, family as roommates, new friends, not seeing my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend around every corner. (<<< LOL that sucked.)

And I’m not saying the life-changing magic is in purging a closet, despite what Kondo says. But I think it is deciding what deserves space in our physical homes and lives, and sticking to that. Minus my cool new jacket. I LIVE in my cool new jacket.

During my Thanksgiving morning trail run, I heard Diane say that on her most recent podcast episode and, in my head, I immediately took inventory of my things. Did I bring too many books with me to Colorado? Did I need those four water bottles; maybe I should’ve brought just two? The fake Ikea plants…necessary?

My process of downsizing and discarding helped me figure out what brings me joy, and those are the things I brought cross country with me. But I think I will take another pass after letting Diane’s wisdom sink in a little longer. Material things make up so much of our lives. What would it look like if we traded those wants for intangible wants?

I’ll start.

Instead of posting a vanilla gift guide full of Anthropologie candles, Lush bath bombs, and affiliate links (BARF), I’m sharing the things I want this holiday season—the things that truly matter and deserve precious space in my head and heart, not in my closet.

Long, pain-free, chilly, sunshine-filled trail runs followed by multiple cups of coffee.

Long, very painful, sufferfest bike rides also followed up by multiple cups of coffee. (GETTING MY BIKE BACK NEXT WEEK!)

Beer flights at Community with my cousins. 

More Pearl Street sunsets.

Lazy nights falling asleep reading my favorite book for the fourth time.

A trail race (running) and a road race (cycling) to work toward in the new year. 

A good hair day. Any day. Please. I’ve been waiting. For 28 years. 

New friends. Is that sad? I have some out here thanks to my new jobs, but I need that core group again. I miss that. 

Confidence in saying no.

Confidence in saying yes.

Pure peace in where I am right now. 

What’s on your must-have list this year? Is it worthy of the space it takes up—wherever it takes it up? 

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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