Is It Time For Another Marathon?

Months ago, in the beginning of 2017, in the thick of my heartbreak and hurting…I wrote about running a second marathon.  

Because I needed to focus on something other than my utter devastation over the bitter end of the best relationship I’d had up until that point. That’s what I do when I’m heartbroken. I try to fill the cracks with something that will take up all of my time and attention, leaving no room for emotional pain. Something familiar, and something that has healed me in the past: running.

You can read it below.

Maybe I wanted another marathon for a little, but not really. And not for the right reasons.

My first marathon was unforgettable, as you read. And I had a second attempt at the distance a year later that crashed and burned due to some serious groin pain. I didn’t give myself enough of a break, and I was using running as a way to cope with everything else that was crooked in my life.

But this time?

Oh, this time is different, my friends. I can really feel it. Because I’ve found my way back to running out of sheer love for the sport instead using and abusing it as a way to forget about other parts of my life.

My mileage is the perfect example. Do you follow me on Strava because you totally should, man.

I’ve had more double digit runs in the past couple weeks than I have in the past handful of months. I love the challenge, the freedom, the scenery, and the feeling of choosing to do something that makes me feel completely alive instead of forcing it.

I’m well aware there will be days during training when I’d rather stay snuggled under the warm covers than lace up and sweat for a couple hours, but that’s the awesome challenge of putting yourself in that place and digging right out of it.

There’s nothing like it. And you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever tackled a distance that scares the absolute shit out of you.

I am so ready. I’ve never felt more ready or excited or, honestly, f*cking terrified in the best way possible. I know how mile 20 feels and I’m ready. I know how that heavy medal feels hanging around a tired neck. I’m getting chills.

I think the most difficult thing is deciding which one to go for? A Colorado marathon to celebrate my move? An Oregon marathon because I heard Eugene is absolutely beautiful… Help me, people.

I can’t wait to share more about this journey.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “Is It Time For Another Marathon?”

  1. “Because I’ve found my way back to running out of sheer love for the sport instead using and abusing it as a way to forget about other parts of my life.” <—-YASSS. I am awaiting this for me, but I'm on this quest to get my period back and worry that running will further prevent it. HA. One day, I am not giving up!

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