Push Picks x DEC 8 17

I love that Christmas is almost here. But also, what the heck?! 

Twenty seventeen just started to get good, and it would be nice if time slowed down just a tiny bit so I could soak it in some more before I crack the spine of my 2018 planner.

Hi, I made this pretty little thing. My latte art skills are getting goooooood.

But right now? At this very second? I’m sitting in my kitchen drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music on full blast, and chatting with my cousin while she bakes cookies. Our kitchen has never smelled better. It’s bliss.

Anyways, Fridays are for Push Picks! Everyone knows that. And here they are; quick and dirty because I have a work Christmas party to get to. It’s gonna be rad.

9 Things No One Needs Anymore and Should Declutter: I think I’m going to commit to a major declutter at the beginning of every year. I’ve already got a head start since I did a major downsize before I moved to CO, but I’m going to make it a thing.

Topo Designs X MIIR Tumbler: I lost my travel mug somewhere sometime awhile ago and I needed a new one, so I snagged this one with my pro deal discount (from work) and it’s awesome. Things stay hot for almost too long.

Mountain Standard Camo Sherpa Fleece Vest: Is this ridiculous? Don’t care. It looks cozy as hell and I just bought it (also with my pro deal). Can’t wait to wear it everywhere and maybe sleep in it, too. 

EPIC VIEWS: I took my cousin up Flagstaff Mountain this morning on an epic ride and he did so well! Love the views at the top—such a nice treat for all that hard work.

The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton: Totally reading this for the third time. It’s amazing. I can’t stop. And I think Tyler lives in Boulder, so I hope I run into him one day.

The best black shirt I have ever owned: No joke. This is THE BEST black shirt ever and it’s on MEGA SALE right now. It’s soft and smooth and it looks good on it’s own or under a camo sherpa vest, ya know?

Homemade hummus on toast: #DROOL. We make it at work and I volunteer to lick the Vitamix clean every single time.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I’m partying tonight and hiking tomorrow morning. It’s going to be great.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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