Push Picks x DEC 15 17

I totally didn’t forget about Push Picks. 

Yes I did. 

Today was a big day. Big meaning full and long because I had a lot on my to-do list and everything takes forever when bussing is the only transportation option. It’s reliable, though, and clean and actually relaxing when I bring a book and coffee.

My big day started with a big twelve-mile run. TWELVE. On purpose! The last time I saw that number was during marathon training in 2015. I didn’t feel amazing today, but I DEFINITELY have the fire and I’m excited to get some races on the 2018 calendar.

PUSH PICKS LISTENED TO ON THE RUN: Rich’s & Tim’s podcast, Endurance Planet ATC 249, and Ali’s & Janae’s podcast

The big day continued with coffee at Rapha then a bus ride to the collision center to clean out my poor car. I got news this week that it’s totaled, so I gathered up all its belongings, said my goodbyes and proceeded to cry uncontrollably as I walked out of the parking lot.

I told my cousin the news when I got home later this evening and she said, “Well, it truly is a fresh start out here, isn’t it?” Yes. Yes, it is. And that was exactly the perspective I needed.

PUSH PICK: Subaru. It’s basically Colorado’s mascot.

My big day then took me to Marshall’s where I shopped very irresponsibly for some holiday party clothes. This new someone I’m seeing is having a party at his house this weekend and nothing in my closet seemed good enough. Again. I feel like if I shop for every date we ever go on I’m gonna go broke like real soon.

PUSH PICK: Lucky Brand jeans. They hug a booty just right.

I tried to shove some Christmas shopping in between my errands, but only found a couple things. I’m so not on top of it this year. Hoping my family will accept love this year 😉


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Question: who is the most difficult to shop for in your family Me: ALL THE MEN.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

One Reply to “Push Picks x DEC 15 17”

  1. YASS to that run! I ran two miles today and it was the first run in like a month, so I called that a win. HAHA. I can’t wait to one day meet this mystery man, I hope he makes the blog someday. 😉

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