At Home In The Snow

Winter is officially here!

At least that’s what my friends who have lived through Colorado winters keep saying. And I’m over here like…yeah, finally. It’s about time, guy. It’s nearing the end of December. In Buffalo, winter kicked off in October, didn’t end until April, and it was UGLY. No matter how delicately the flakes fell, the streets would be a dirty mess in a matter of hours.

But Colorado’s winters are certainly a different ball game. A much more fun ball game, and one that I’d definitely show up for.

On Wednesday, December 20th, the sun was shining big and bright and the day’s high hit 60*. I ate lunch outside in just a long sleeve and served up a slew of iced coffees to mid-afternoon riders. This morning, not 24 hours later, I woke up to snow and temps in the teens. It made for a very chilly run with frozen tears, hamstrings taut like guitar strings, and probably some drool. But I couldn’t feel my chin so I’m not certain.

These temperature swings made me sick the first month I was here. I got headaches, head colds, and I’m pretty sure I developed allergies; I sneezed for a week straight when the weather just couldn’t make up its mind. But now that I’m acclimating to the altitude and wild weather, my body is starting to get it and roll with it.

Winter, in all its beautiful and erratic forms is one of the things I looked forward to the most when I made the decision to move out here from Tampa, FL. It is pure magic, all 19* of it. Unlike Buffalo’s winters—the ones I grew up in—it’s enjoyable being outside even when there’s snow on the ground because the sun is out and doesn’t quit until it dips below the horizon.

I have almost forgotten what a Florida winter feels like. But in just two days I’ll be back in the Sunshine State for Christmas, hopefully getting a much-needed tan. Because my legs. They glow.

But honestly, I’m a little nervous to head back there. When I left in October, I LEFT. I cut ties with Florida, severed the relationship I had with a place that I loved but was also filled with so many poisonous thoughts and feelings. The life I had in Florida is my past. When I crossed the Colorado state line, I vowed to begin again. Whatever it took. I’ve found my people here and a new person and a job that brings me joy. I don’t hate Florida or the people in it. I just don’t ever want to be the person I was there ever again. And I don’t want painful memories to come flooding back in when I walk out of the airport and into the familiar humid air.

I’ll be at a home for Christmas—my parents’ home—but not mine. I can’t imagine feeling at home like I do now in Colorado. Even when I’m freezing my nuts off in 19* winter weather.

What are your holiday plans? Going anywhere fun?

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