Push Picks x DEC 23 17

Yup, I’m late. 

On Friday I hiked in the mountains, cooked a delicious dinner for two, then watched Frozen. Today—Saturday—I flew to Florida for Christmas! It has been a busy couple days, but all super great.

Hence why Push Picks is a day late.

But I still wanted to get this up because, while it’s not exactly a ‘pick’, it is important to me and I wanted to share.

Earlier this year I ran across New Balance’s #MyFutureSelf campaign (the site is still live…weird). I think they were promoting it on Twitter when I found it, so I clicked on the link and was taken to that landing page which encouraged fans and followers to write their future selves a little letter; many months later they would receive it in their inbox.

I don’t actually see the direct connection between the campaign and the brand…but I bought in. I was in a hard place in the beginning of the year and it felt good to write down what my heart wanted in that moment.

Today, Saturday, December 23rd, I woke up to an email from past Lindsay speaking—praying and almost pleading—to today’s Lindsay. Here’s what I wrote: 

As I read it over and over, the hopelessness, sadness, and soft cries for help bled together, one sentence after another. What I hoped was everything I wanted—a series of wishes to pull me out of the deep hole I’d dug myself into.

I didn’t want a change; I needed one. 

Now, many many months later, I can look at this and smile because I am immensely happier and confident. I have made tons of new friendships and started seeing someone amazing. I’ve moved and traveled and adventured and found a place I really do consider home.

I’m proud of myself, and goddamn that feels so f&*king good. What a nice early Christmas gift.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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