All I Want For Christmas Is A Tan

I didn’t ask for much this year, which annoyed most of my family.

My want list, like everyone else’s want list, is probably a mile long. But I don’t need very much. And my needs are things that no one else can give me: a new car, a full-er time job, the balls to finally sign up for that half ironman. You know.

The week before heading to Florida for the holidays, I joked that all I wanted for Christmas was a tan. Living in long sleeves and pants for months out in Colorado wasn’t doing my white ass legs any favors.

But although I’ve been in Florida for four days and sat in the sun here and there, I didn’t get a tan. What I did get and what I didn’t want or need was a nasty flu bug the day after Christmas. Agh, it was pure hell. No one likes being sick, but I’m an especially big sissy. Broken bones and stitches? Bring it on. Flu and sickness? Plan my funeral.

Oh, wait. I did get some Apple AirPods which, somehow, my dad knew was on my mile-long want list. That was nice. 

It definitely wasn’t a perfect Christmas holiday, what with the plague and all, but it was the complete opposite of last year’s Christmas, which was hands down the worst of them all. And that was exactly what I needed. 

See, a week before last year’s Christmas I had come down with some sort of something that caused one side of my face to swell up real bad. The doctor thought it was mumps, and since that’s extremely contagious, I wasn’t allowed to be around my 2-month old niece which meant…I wasn’t allowed to go home for Christmas until I had an official diagnosis.

It killed me. I was a damn mess and spent most days in bed under the covers wishing the hours away pleading WHY ME. It was probably one of the lowest points in my life. Plus, I was fighting heartbreak something fierce, and felt completely alone.

I wrote this short little story around that time. You’ll feel the pain. 

This year was different in every beautiful kind of way. I got to visit with family, play with my niece, swim in the pool, drink in the sunshine, spend a day with my mom, eat all the good foods, just be.

Isla Mae got all the cute genes. 

Last year, coming home to Orlando, FL from Tampa felt like I could escape another life for a week, and when I didn’t get that I was crushed. This year, I didn’t need to escape anything. I have an amazing and beautiful life in Colorado. I have friends and a for-now job I’m loving and a man that accepts my sense of humor and the frequency with which I need to take water breaks on day hikes.

As I get ready to pack up everything and head west back to my snowy home,  I realize I didn’t get the tan or the full day at Disney I really wanted . But I got everything I missed last year and that is SO what I needed. 

Merry Christmas to me. And to you! I hope your holiday was filled with love and food. Same same.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

3 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas Is A Tan”

    1. And I say it all the time but THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading, for loving on my posts, for commenting—for all the things! It makes me so happy 🙂 So thankful for you, friend ❤

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