Push Picks x JAN 6 18

I’m sitting at the brand new desk my cousin’s husband made me, writing to you fine people. The candles are lit, and Spotify’s “New Boots” country playlist is flowing in the background.

Country music has never been my first choice, but it feels right these days. Because these days the days are easier than they used to be and that’s the vibe country music gives me. Does that make any kind of sense?

My pick this week is getting back on the bike. Damn, I’ve missed it. Last week when the temps dropped into the teens and I thought I’d harden up and try to brave the cold one frigid day. Well. I made it just 6 miles and bailed to head home and ride almost two hours on the indoor trainer.

This weekend the mercury rose, the sun came out, and I had some pretty great company. Plus, my new shoes came in and I had to test them out as soon as humanly possible. Read: the next day.

Saturday morning four of us headed out for 30 good miles around North Table in the Golden/Denver area. I didn’t think the riding would be too great out there because, to me, Denver and the surrounding areas felt really city and not so bike-friendly. But it was pretty nice, and there were bike lanes and/or wide shoulders on most of the roads.

I feel pretty lucky to get to ride in and around the mountains, but I definitely miss the riding in FL. The heat is tough, but I went from 150+ bike miles per week to ummmm almost none-ish? It was so easy to get on a bike and ride flat and fast on a weekend morning. But out here, it’s more of a process and just getting on all the layers is a job in itself.

When Spring and Summer hits I know the riding will get better; we’ll have more daylight and fewer layers. But I’m still loving it, especially riding with new friends. We had so much fun, and we rewarded ourselves with ginormous sandwiches at Even Stevens. Um, yeah. We are definitely going back there. So good.

All Rapha everythaannnng. Official hype woman.

Still happy, see?

Hope you’re having a great weekend. Have a pick to share this week?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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