Push Picks x JAN 12 18

I’ve got coffee in the french press, some leftover laundry tumbling around in the dryer, my planner slash journal is open and ready for some thinking, and every so often I’ll hear the heat kick on and then feel it warm up my toes which I’ve strategically positioned over the vents. 

I also have more plans for myself than hours in the day today. But you know how that goes, right? You get just a little bit of freedom (read: a day off work) and your imagination runs wild with it.

I’ll hike in the morning then ride my bike then swing by the clubhouse for coffee and then I’ll finish that 39724-page book I’ve started and stopped a dozen times. After that I will write those Christmas thank-yous gathering dust on my dresser and then I’ll make dinner from scratch…

…but in reality it’s 3 p.m. and you’re still debating whether or not to leave the house. 

Maybe I just love the feeling and the possibilities of freedom, but not actually having to do anything with it. Anyone? Anyone?

One thing I really love to do on my days off work is catch up on blogs and online articles and listen to podcasts. I haven’t made enough time for that lately, so when I have the luxury of a slow morning and a little peace and quiet, I skim through my Bloglovin’ feed and listen to Jason Wachob and his guests speak some truth.

Since this is a Push Picks day, I’ll leave you with some of my picks for browsing, buying and listening to when you have some glorious, uninterrupted down time in your life. 

1. Jason Wachob’s podcast with Shaman Durek: Shaman Durek On Glimpsing Death, People Who Fear Him & Putting The “We” In Wellness : Before I hit play, I had to Google “what’s a shaman?” This is unlike any interview I’ve listened to, and while it is difficult for me to grasp and understand the topics they cover, it’s a very uplifting chat. Highly recommend.

2. BANGS ShoesThese found me how everything usually finds me: through an Instagram ad. They’re just $60 and the company invests a portion of its profits into helping people start businesses. I dig it.

3. Crispy Baked ChickpeasOh my poor chickpeas…I have several cans in my pantry waiting patiently to become homemade hummus….but then I forgot a few ingredients and, well, they are still sitting there. This recipe looks much more my speed.

4. Mindy’s writingShe back with another Thursday Thanks, thank goodness. One of the things I miss about Florida is working with her every day. Some people say copywriters aren’t real writers. But she always made me feel like a real, creative writer, and that’s something I’ll always be thankful for.

5. Pearl Izumi run gear (!!) : It’s up to 75% off, people!! Word on the street is they are doing away with their run department and focusing on cycling gear, so I’m guessing this is their we’re-just-basically-giving-it-away sale. I have like 12 things sitting in my cart right now.

6. This Outside article about women kicking serious ass in endurance events : “…the growing number of standout performances by women in ultra-distance events has athletes, coaches, and researchers believing that ­women may still be far from achieving their full ­potential as athletes.” Hell. To. The. Yes.

Now, someone please tell me whether I should run or bike today…I’m in decision limbo. 

And leave me a pick! Have a great weekend. 

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “Push Picks x JAN 12 18”

  1. I do this allllll the time, where I plan in my head to go for an epic adventure, and then the afternoon rolls around and I feel like I’ve lost my motivation or window. I would….GO FOR A BIKE RIDE.

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