4 Hrs 8 Mins 36 Secs of No Responsibilities

It wasn’t until we rounded the corner—snowcapped mountains standing proudly, epically, majestically on the horizon in front of us—that I realized how long I hadn’t thought about the everythings that were waiting for me back home.

It feels like there are a lot of them on my plate right now: the new job thing, the apartment thing, the new car thing, the groceries thing, and that humongous pile of laundry thing that really needed to find its way into a washer like ASAP. But not one had crossed my mind for the few hours we pedaled around the mountains, and it felt friggin amazing.

Colorado will do that and a great group of friends will do that, too. 

I only noticed after the boys rocketed down the mountain in front of me (I’m still a wimpy wimp on the descents, so they promised to wait at the bottom for my slow ass.) and squinted into the sun. It was silent out there; the bushes rustled and the birds flapped their wings and my bike tires flexed and crunched over the gravel in the road…but it was peaceful and I felt like I had the place to myself.

A lot of my time out here as been spent figuring it out. Figuring out how to make more money. Figuring out where to live at the end of February. Figuring out how I’ll get to the dealership to get a new car. Figuring out how and when to pay my parents back. Figuring out how to get to Denver and back so this new person doesn’t have to keep driving to Boulder every week. Figuring out how to stand on my own two goddamn feet for once in my life.

On any given day, it feels like a lot all the time. 

But on this beautiful Sunday, I figured I’d forget about all that for the afternoon and ride bikes with my friends, 6,000 ft up in the Rocky Mountains.

Before I met the guys at the bottom, I stopped, reached into my jersey pocket and flipped my phone to airplane mode. I hadn’t had any interruptions and I didn’t want any until I was done.

After 20 more miles of small towns and rolling hills, we were back at the Rapha clubhouse drinking coffee, hanging with friends, watching CX Nationals, and eating the most delicious Belgian waffles of all time. The only thing I wanted to figure out was how to recreate them back home.

I was definitely dealt a difficult hand when I came out here. One accident followed another and then some bad lucky fell into my lap and then I realized job hunting is 100x more difficult and frustrating than I imagined…but despite all that I know I’m 100x happier out here even with so many balls in the air and no clear direction. Is that nuts?

Anyway. I hope you all had a great (long?) weekend. Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

One Reply to “4 Hrs 8 Mins 36 Secs of No Responsibilities”

  1. Girl I feel ya. Yesterday my A game was SO off. I really struggled because I feel I need to “have everything figured out” when I really I just needed to take the pressure off (looking at jobs doesn’t help either). You inspire me more then you know so keep getting it girl!!!! 🙌❤️

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