Push Picks x FEB 3 18

A day late…SHOCKER. Let’s move on.

Question for everyone: Was January really that long…?

This annoying meme has surfaced on every social media platform that exists… and I must disagree.

The only two truly painful stretches of time is waiting for Christmas to come back around and also for food to cook. Agonizing. But January? Definitely not on the same level as microwave minutes. I got dissed and dumped TWICE in January and I’ve still got a smile on my face, fam. So, let’s all calm down.

You see? Totally toothy.

I’d actually love it if February had 74 days because this month—the shortest month of the year to be exact—is going to be batshit crazy. I have to find a new place to live, move into that new imaginary place, register my car in Colorado, get a new license, and OH YEAH all the biking. I was supposed to do 100 miles today but only made it 88…we’ll get to that later.

But in terms of Push Picks, I have just one: Sarah May‘s most recent podcast. 

“How to Find Your Passion & Choose A Career Path”

When I saw this pop up on my feed I was like GIRL YES TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS. 

I’ve been a writer for what feels like my whole life, but made it a career in 2012. Then, I left that job, moved out to Colorado, and am now a barista extraordinaire, taking a short hiatus from the writing as a job thing. Now, I get to write for fun right here for you lovely people.

I just…need some guidance. I love writing. I love the job I have right now. It has brought me so much happiness and peace and comfort and community. It has introduced me to some of the best most genuine people in Boulder. It’s opened the doors to an entire cycling community.

But my job isn’t a career.

At least, that is what my ego keeps telling me. At least that’s what my family keeps telling me. At least that’s what society keeps telling me. And somewhere deep in the back of my mind, I know “Barista” isn’t my destiny, as happy as it makes me right now.

So I hit play with a fresh Pages document open on my computer. As she spoke about all the things I’d lost sleep over the past four months, I typed away , furiously taking notes then rewinding then taking more notes I missed.

“You’ve recognized you want something new in your life.”

“I choose to reevaluate my path. And I choose to continue the process of change.”

“Maybe you’re ready to jump but you don’t know what your passions are if nothing is immediately presenting itself.”

“Maybe you’re used to planning the shit out of everything in your life…and now there are uncertainties.” 

“Then there is inherited fear. From our parents. We inherit their limits. What we should make, risks we should take. These fears can hold us back. They become guiding values.”

It’s like she sat down and thought, “This one’s for Lindsay.”

I started to tear up because I’ve rolled each of these thoughts around in my head dozens of times. I’ve gone back and forth about making a change, whether or not I have the time or the money.

And then somewhere in the middle of the episode she said, “How invested are you in yourself for pursuing a dream?”

I like that because that’s where it all starts, right? When you’re investing in all your healths—mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual—then you’re sort of primed to figure out what fulfills you and chase it down.

That’s the mile marker I’m at right now on this path toward my dream…whatever it is. I’ve made big happiness steps the past four months, I’ve been more accepting and forgiving of myself, and I even meditated once when I was bored. Not my thing. And since I know everyone figures things out at different times and at different speeds, I’m trying to stay in my own lane.

If you’re in my boat, too, I suggest you give it a listen. Maybe it will give you a little more clarity and even peace of mind that you’ll find what you don’t know you’re looking for eventually. 

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “Push Picks x FEB 3 18”

  1. Sounds like a great podcast. I have to say while it’s taken me YEARS to do, I’ve come to accept that what I WANT to do and what society tells me to do are likely never going to align. My take, as long as you have a job that allows for the life you want then you’re doing just fine. Barista, writer, whatever that looks like is different for all of us. There’s nothing wrong with riding in the slower lane in life and not having a traditional “career.” Unless that’s your goal, and in that case fight for it!

    For me? I want flexibility. I want to travel. I don’t want to be stuck, so I work as a barista, and this summer I’ll be going onto a new adventure for a few months! It’s all about what you want!! Nothing is off limits! I tried the corporate life, it wasn’t for me. Trial and error baby!

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