Snow Day! + My Cheap Moving Hack

They’re back! The snowflakes!

Yesterday at work I watched thick white chunks fall all day long. Slowly, steadily, magically it accumulated on roofs, sidewalks, windshields, and parking meters. Some braved the slick roads and stopped in for coffee,and that was nice. But I bet most who had the day off work for President’s Day were curled up inside. Heaven.

This morning, I woke up to even more snow, temps in the single digits, and—OH—a day off work. And since I have family coming into town this weekend, a pile of laundry that has a mind of its own, and I had a freelance interview mid-morning (!!!) I deemed today a get-shit-done day. Love those.




Play with pup.





Home workout.



More play with pup.

TJ Maxx.

Fold laundry.

Stir fry.


I definitely would’ve rather played in the snowy Colorado mountains, but I have a busy couple weeks coming up so clean sheets and a clear head felt like priorities number one and two.

Also, I’m moving next week (AH), so I braved the cold and headed to TJ Maxx for one very specific thing: tote bags! Here’s where my cheap moving hack comes in…

TJ Maxx and Marshall’s both sell these HUGE tote bags for $0.99 each and they are PERFECT for moving. I don’t have a ton of stuff and I didn’t want to buy moving boxes that I’ll throw away, so I bought five of these dollar tote bags to pack with clothes, shoes, bike gear, etc. Then I’ll get to reuse them for groceries or whatever after I’m moved into the new place.

Maybe I’m more excited about this than an adult should be. But. Here we are.

Busy and big things happening soon. Including living with a house full of dudes. Oy.

Did you have a good day? Give me your moving tips if you have any. THANKS.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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