A Big Exciting First Day

We did it!

I rocked day one at my new (freelance) job. It’s not full time, which means I didn’t go back today, but I’m excited about it. It felt like a big day. It was a big day. And I was worried that it wouldn’t be a big day.

See, I haven’t flexed these creative muscles in awhile, and I haven’t been in the advertising environment in awhile, either. Five months, actually. My words haven’t belonged to anyone but me in five months, and I finally felt ready to share them again. THAT was the big part, ya know?

Like any first day, I arrived over an hour early. I was nervous, excited, and I wanted to make sure I got a free parking spot on the street. They’re scarce in a city like Denver.

I haven’t quite figured out my feelings about Denver yet, but one thing I can get behind: all the coffee shops. They are everywhere! My first stop was Crema. It’s an adorable corner joint that serves up the typical coffee house brews and a breakfast/lunch menu I’ll definitely be back for.

I stuck with the drip which, quite honestly, wasn’t impressive and tasted like coffee-flavored water. But I’ve heard good things from others, so perhaps their espresso is really where it‘s at. The atmosphere was nice, too, minus the chick who sounded like she was trying to talk over her own self on a conference call.

Ten minutes in and I couldn’t even concentrate on how much I hated my coffee, so I packed up and headed to my second stop: Portside. Second meh coffee of the morning. Maybe my tastebuds were nervous, too? Portside lives in the bottom of a shipping container structure that was actually built in part by a girl I currently work with. Nuts! I sipped slowly while trying to give off the “hey there” vibe to mister brown eyes with the Garmin watch in the corner. No dice. Didn’t even look up from his Macbook.

Then? It was go time.

I click click clicked my pointy boots up a few blocks and knocked on the front door that I learned a minute later was already open and you are just supposed to open it and walk in.

My temporary co-workers are nice as can be. I think they like me? I like them! And after a round of handshakes, we dove into paperwork, my schedule, and the brands I’d be working on.

And then all the familiar words were thrown around: brands, brainstorms, concepts, decks, timesheets, write-ups, image copy… My head was spinning. It felt like it had been so long; it felt like they were talking to a Lindsay from another life. But then it felt good.

They gave me a tour.

And then they gave me a desk.

Then log in credentials.

Then a few assignments.

Then suddenly I was passing off copy for review and then suddenly I was back. I felt back.

And it felt so good.

I was worried about that, remember?

Then suddenly it was 5:30 p.m. The familiar clap clap clap of laptops closing for the day echoed in the open space. The sun went down and the streets filled up with hipsters with backpacks and snapbacks, with their girlfriends and boyfriends and big dreams.

My desk mate packed up and, with a smile and a sigh, said, “Ok, so see ya Friday then?”

I smiled first on the inside then on the outside. “Yeah. See you Friday then.”

I felt renewed on Monday. And I felt so ready to write again, and write a lot.

And that was, you know, big. 

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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