Push Picks x MAR 9 18

Sometimes I’m still totally floored that anyone reads this thing besides my mom. And further? That people leave comments and send emails and tweet reply and text and Insta-message me. I appreciate the hell out of it, especially when that time could’ve been spent doing…anything else. So to you fine people, thanks a freakload.

So, Push Picks. This damn thing has been pushed to the back burner for the last month just like my social life and almost everything that’s not work. Let’s do one.

Last week I picked a walk around the block after work. The golden hour lit the whole city on fire; it’s one of my favorite times to be outside just looking and feeling and thinking and listening. It doesn’t just have a look, but a sound.

Someone picked me this week, which was cool. Which felt good again. I had an early meeting this morning with a bunch of people for an exciting opportunity. It was in Denver, and I love Denver’s coffee so I got there early and did what I do best: people-watch.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone has an office job. So when a place like the Denver Central Market is bustling at 10:15 a.m. on a Friday morning, I wonder what all these people do for a living…and if I can do it too? I’d also love to brunch on a Friday.

After a most excellent meeting (!!!), I headed back to Boulder and plopped myself down at an outdoor table and sipped on a cold brew so I could write…and people-watch. I made this spot my office for a good hour or two and wished all Fridays could be this good. Weather-wise, we’re really getting spoiled; I think we deserve it after a painful few days in the single digits last month.

Last but never least, I picked a bike ride to end the day. The sun was real strong and the hills were real steep. Just like mama likes.

In conclusion. I don’t think picks have to be epic to be epic, ya know? Sitting in the sun drinking a $3 cold brew can be pure magic if that’s what an unseasonably warm winter/spring day is telling you to do. I’m trying to listen to what I really want and need because I didn’t do that enough when I lived in Florida. I was just getting from one day to the next, hoping the next would be better, less painful.

What will you pick to do this weekend? Make it good, ok?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “Push Picks x MAR 9 18”

  1. OHHH girl, there is most definitely complete magic about enjoying a cold brew on a slow sunny day. I lust for the day I can do that again. I daydream about being real life BFF’s with you. Yup. We’d have grand adventures.

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