Instacart Is Too Easy

I used to think grocery delivery services were a waste of time. Which is totally stupid and backwards because the purpose is actually to save time.

I thought they were a waste of money and I thought grocery shopping wasn’t a big enough hassle to warrant someone doing it for you.

But. Like so many other things, I was completely and utterly WRONG. And now I am ruined.

Here I am, Friday morning, still in my pajamas, banging out emails and g-chatting one of my favorite friends in the universe when I realize I’m out of…everything I need to make breakfast and coffee. No almond milk. No fruit. No sourdough English muffins (my new obsession). No NOTHIN’.

And I was so comfy and cozy in my pajamas and so not motivated to change out of those pajamas, get in my car, and drive the ONE MILE to the grocery store for those items. For the first time, going grocery shopping did feel like a hassle.

Then, in that moment, I realized how convenient and useful grocery delivery actually is.

I clicked over to Instacart, logged on, picked my store, and started adding things to my cart.

It’s not just easy, my friends, it’s too easy. And it’s actually really fun and insanely satisfying.

One by one, I virtually added all my coffee and breakfast staples to my cart. I didn’t need to stock my entire fridge, so I kept it simple. And I can see how easy it would be to get carried away and suddenly end up with $100 worth of nothing you actually need. Pro tip: have a list handy and stick to it.

I added a $4 tip and with a free delivery credit, my total ended up at $25.

I placed my order and scheduled it to be delivered within two hours. Perfect! I’d still be in my pajamas two hours from then so…

One of the best features of ordering online from a service like this is the notifications you get while you wait. I received an order confirmation right away and updates on the progress my shopper was making. It was like tracking a Fedex shipment. I received both emails and text messages so I knew almost exactly when my shopper, Alexander, would arrive. Bonus points, Instacart, because he was CUTE.

Anyway. In less than two hours, my groceries were delivered right to my door by cute Mr. Alex and I got lots of work done while I waited.

When I have the time, I really love grocery shopping. BUT I totally get how much time it saves for a VERY little cost. I believe there is a markup on prices through a service like this but the convenience far outweighs the minimal price increase.

Final thoughts: LOVE IT. But I wouldn’t do this every week. I shop seasonally—it’s less expensive and I get to buy different produce throughout the year. Without actually going to the store, it’s tough to know what’s good and not good and what’s on sale. Also, I really love picking out my own apples, avocados, bananas, and other sensitive fruit. I trust you, Alex, but not with my Honeycrisps.

Ever give Instacart or other services like this a try?

*Not sponsored. Just a big big fan.

3 Replies to “Instacart Is Too Easy”

  1. When I first moved to the UK, I used Tesco grocery delivery. I didn’t own a car and in the middle of winter not having to catch the train and carry groceries home was a huge bonus. The only downside is not choosing which bunch of bananas or meat to buy yourself or checking for the longest use by dates.

  2. Nice post, Please upload more articles like this because I got good information about InstaCart . Thanks for sharing!

    Regards Sania Noor

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