I Want To _______ So I Need To _______

I’ve been down on myself and my riding lately. When I say lately I mean the past four months.

^^^ This is my bike. I love it.

When I want to ride it’s freezing or snowing or dark or the roads are wet or not yet plowed or I’m working. Except Saturday. It’s my one day off per week when I cross my fingers for clear roads and calm wind to get a few good hours in the saddle.

Mentally, I wish I had more than one day to get out there.

Emotionally, I miss Tampa’s perfect weather where I could ride when I wanted for how long I wanted.

Physically, I miss my strength and stamina and speed.

Realistically, I am being a huge frickin baby.

A few weeks ago a cycling friend was listening to me talk whine about how tough it feels to get on the bike. Nick. I went on about the weather and the darkness and the roads and my jam packed schedule. He felt the same way—but he did something about it.

Nick wants to get faster and stronger to keep up with the quick weekend group rides, so he created a training plan, joined Zwift, and fits in interval and recovery rides after work. I saw him post an 11 p.m. ride the other week on Strava. I felt, simultaneously, like a pile of hot garbage and also really inspired. He doesn’t give himself excuses. So why did I?

He made a plan, he is following the plan and putting in the work, and he’s seeing results. I can do that, too. Because I also want to keep up with the weekend warriors and climb hills faster and feel good in a skin tight kit again, let’s get real honest in here.  

For awhile I was foolish enough to think that one long weekend ride was going to keep me in peak shape. Wrong.

“You want to climb better and go longer? You just have to get on the bike and put in miles. That’s it.” A regular said this to me the other day, and I really think it’s as simple as that. Especially out here where I’m still acclimating to the mountains. 

So the past couple weeks I’ve been riding after work since we’ve been blessed with an extra hour of daylight.  

I also stopped eating foods with added sugar because I was breaking out like a high school girl and why not add one more good habit to this train?

So far, it’s going really well. I bring my bike and bike gear to work, which helps a ton. I’m less likely to bag it and feel like a jerk. In fact, this past weekend was the first time since I moved out here that I really felt STRONG on the climbs. The extra little mileage in between the big days is helping. I can feel it.

^^^ This weekend’s ride was great…minus the flat tire 5 miles in.

After work today, I realized I still had about two hours of daylight left, so when we closed up shop, I changed into riding gear, popped in my headphones and hit the road. I was exhausted when I started and tried to talk myself out of it for most of the afternoon, but once I clipped in, it felt amazing just to be out there and even better to leave behind all those damn excuses.

Now every time I am out on the road when I’d rather be curled up under warm sheets, I think of Nick and his little Zwift avatar racing strangers through the streets of London at midnight.

^^^ I am Beyonce, always. 

Push on (for what you want), PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “I Want To _______ So I Need To _______”

  1. I can TOTALLY understand the lack of motivation that accompanies dreary and cold weather. I love that you found some solid motivation with Nick, having like minded friends helps soososo much. I’m glad you’re feeling stronger with your routine, and it really is as simple as “you just have to put in the work” to see the results.

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