Push Picks x APR 6 18

I think I see some flurries happening outside. 

COME ON, SPRING. In Florida, every day is just another day in terms of weather. We got rain and thunderstorms and flooding and all that, and in the Summer, it rains every afternoon for less than an hour…but then the beautiful sunshine emerges and we’re back to perfect temps.

In Colorado, I check the weather every day hoping for sunshine and no wind. It’s weird having to plan bike rides and trail runs instead of heading out the door whenever I want.

COULD ride and run in the snow and wind—a lot of people do—but I don’t have the cycling gear or tires for that. Or patience.

Last night I looked up fitness centers for the first time since I moved here. That was a low point. There is so much nature and beauty and exploring to do and I fought the idea of spending my free time inside on a machine…but when Mother Nature runs the show sometimes you gotta fake an incline for an hour.

The flurries have turned into chunks. Oy vey. It’s coming down quick.

And now I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, watching the white stuff accumulate on my windshield, wishing I had just gotten in my run two hours ago.

Have you heard of prsuit

It’s an email newsletter deal. Kind of like Skimm but less news and more personal development and living your passion (and how) but not in a Tony Robbins way. Some of the emails and short articles don’t land for me, but a few have hit home when I really needed it, so I let it fill up my inbox. Here’s the ABOUT page. Read that first.

“How many bikes did you want to buy today?”

My friend John and I have a running joke. We measure the stress of our work days by how many bikes we want to buy. The only difference between him and me is he actually purchases the bikes. Yesterday was a four bike day for me. It was hard and feelings were piling up and the lack of sleep didn’t help.

“The Latest” section on Outside’s online magazine homepage is fantastic.

The articles have been amazing lately. And it’s cool to see some people featured in those articles…in real life in Colorado. I chatted with Scott Jurek last week, which was crazy and awesome and…normal. The dude is totally normal; he just runs like a goddamn freak of nature.

I have one month of freelance writing left. 

My current agency extended me a month, which is great! I was hoping they’d keep me on since there hasn’t been a shortage of work. The extra income is very sweet but it ends at the end of April, and that means my second job search started…yesterday. Colorado is ESSSPENSIVE. It’s fun and beautiful and life-changing, but living here is a conscious choice to give up a lot just to be a resident. I’ve decided so far it’s worth it.

Snow. Here it comes and here it will keep coming. 

I love the stuff but I can’t wait until biking weather is every single day.

I’m a curious camper so share a recent pick or thought or feeling with me. 🙂

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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