Podcasts! What I’m Listening To

I don’t even remember commuting or workouts or, hell, grocery shopping before podcasts. If I’m in the car and the drive is more than five miles, I’ll pick a short one and drive really slow.

I like being talked to. I like learning. I suppose it’s why I read predominately nonfiction and biographies and keep renewing my subscription to Wired magazine.

In last week’s blog post I asked my five subscribers if they were at all interested in a post on my favorite podcasts. One (ONE) of my friends replied YES and that’s good enough for me, especially since she’s one of my favorite people.

^^^ Probably listening to a podcast here. 

Buckle up; this is a long one. Here we go.

(1) Balanced Bitesthis one is a lot of things, but it all kind of falls under the paleo living umbrella. Diane, the main host of the show is a nutrition consultant and the author of the 21-Day Sugar Detox book and creator of the program. Liz, the co-host, is also a nutrition consultant and author of a skincare guide. She also digs into topics on pregnancy, birth, motherhood and such. Diane sticks more to diet, lifestyle, and overall healthy living. They balance each other out, have awesome guests and they’re hilarious together.

Noteworthy episodes:

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution with Aviva Romm

Female Hormones with Dr. Jolene Brighten

All About Autoimmune Disease & Wellness with Mickey Trescott & Angie Alt

(2) Bulletproof RadioDave Asprey believes he’s going to live to 180 years old. He is the founder of Bulletproof Coffee, he’s a biohacker, and he’s using modern tech to extend his lifespan further than anyone in this century believes is possible. He’s…fascinating to say the least. He covers tons of topics with his guests and most relate to optimizing human performance in some way, whether that’s physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

Noteworthy episodes: 

Fun with Depression! Jen Gotch

The Space Between: How the Entire Universe Is Connected – Nassim Haramein 

Address Invisible Patterns, Find Joy in Solving Problems & Other Lessons with the Founder of TOMS Shoes

(3) Help Me Be Me: this one was introduced to me by a friend in Florida and I’m grateful for her and this podcast. It’s hosted by Sarah May, and her voice is as soothing as the life advice she spitting. Her words make me feel less alone in this world when I sometimes feel like I’m the only person feeling the feelings I’m feeling. It’s described as “self-help for those who hate self-help” and I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Noteworthy episodes: All the episodes are HERE, and the one that really changed me was Episode 74: Self-Sabotage: Why We Betray Ourselves and Destroy Our Relationships. A year ago, I was on a plane to Portland, OR to escape life in Tampa for a little, listening to this episode and I broke down crying right in my aisle seat. It broke my heart open and answered a lot of questions I had about myself and my behavior in a relationship I totally ruined.

(4) the mindbodygreen podcastthis one’s relatively new, but is already one of my favorites. Jason Wachob is mindbodygreen’s founder and now podcast host. He discusses tons of health and wellness topics, talks with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, doctors, etc. And like sweet Sarah May, he has a soothing, velvety voice.

Noteworthy episodes:

Algae, Probiotics & Mushrooms: The Founder Of Purely Elizabeth Shares What’s Next In Breakfast

Shaman Durek On Glimpsing Death, People Who Fear Him & Putting The “We” In Wellness

Outdoor Voices Founder Tyler Haney On The Future Of Athleisure And Redefining Recreation

(5) 10% Happier with Dan HarrisDan Harris’s panic attack/meltdown live on air spread around the Internet like wildfire. That lead him to exploring meditation and reducing stress. He talks a lot about mental health and mindfulness. It’s like sending your soul through a car wash.

Noteworthy episodes: 

-They’re all HERE but I loved THIS ONE especially. Like, a crap ton. 

(6) Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette: I think I found Nicole through Twitter…or Oiselle…or Lauren Fleshman? I can’t remember, but she really HERElays it out there with her guests. Her thing is “real and honest conversations” with her mostly-female guest list. All her episodes are . Some of them are pretty out there but some I really take a lot from. (Especially this one with Devon Yanko. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.)

(7) The Rich Roll Podcast: Rich Roll is a fantastic human being. He’s an addict/lawyer turned ultra-endurance athlete turned podcast host. He’s overcome so much and has shared his journey from depressed, overweight lawyer to healthy, plant-based athlete. I can’t say enough about him and his podcast. He is very, very smart, a fantastic interviewer, and all around super interesting guy. Please have a listen to not only these episodes but all of them.

Noteworthy episodes: 

Gabor Mate

Alex Honnold

Lance Armstrong

Samantha Gash

Brogan Graham

Rachel Carlton Abrams

(8) Outside Podcast: I used to listen to this one more when I was in Florida. They have a “Science of Survival” section that is pretty interesting. But sometimes there’s a storyline that you need to follow in order to follow the podcast and I’m not always into that, especially when I miss a few and don’t feel like catching up with them all. But, all in all, great content for Outside enthusiasts. (This one was pretty awesome: Racing a Dying Brain)

(1) Ali On The Run Show: Ali is a blogger-turned-podcast-host. She talks a lot about her journey with Crohn’s Disease, running, married life, her adorable dog, Ellie, and now her pregnancy. She is a great writer, absolutely hilarious, and honest about her high days and her low days.

Noteworthy episodes: 

-All episodes are HERE but I loved (ALL OF) the conversations with Dr. Meggie on women’s health, Emma Coburn, (WHO I TOTALLY SAW A FEW WEEKS AGO AT WHOLE FOODS IN SOUTH BOULDER just saying ok) and Sally Bergesen.

(2) Ginner Runner Livethe Ginger Runner—Ethan Newberry—is a runner of all trades. He’s an endurance athlete, product reviewer, filmmaker, photographer, youtuber and more living in the PNW. He hosts tons of runners on his show, especially trail runners, which is why I tune in . I don’t follow trail running as closely as road or track, so this keeps me in the loop.

Noteworthy episodes: 

GRL #188 | Courtney Dauwalter, The Moab 240 Champion!

GRL #170 | Cat Bradley, 2017 Western States Women’s Champion

GRL #179 | Ian Sharman, 2017 Leadville 100 & 2017 UTMB

(3) Running Roguethis one’s all road and track focused, which I love. The show is a nice mix of interviews and race recaps—from major marathons and the Olympics all the way to NCAA cross country nationals (my fave!!).

Noteworthy episodes: 

-They’re all HERE, but some of the good ones are #65, #61, #48, #42, #34, and #31. There are so many good ones, but this is a start. 

(4) Running For Real: Tina started hosting on Runners Connect…but now that she started her own podcast, I’m not so into RC anymore. She gets really real on her show, hosting tons of talented runners, coaches, endurance athletes, doctors, and more and they discuss interesting topics and races, PLUS the ups and downs we can all relate to.

Noteworthy episodes: 

Alex Hutchinson: How to Handle the Physical and Mental Pain of Running Better -R4R 054

Dr. Andrew Jones: What We Can Learn From The Greatest Runners of All Time -R4R 049

Emma Coburn: What it Feels Like When Your Dream Comes True -R4R 038

(1) VeloNews: literally translated: bike news. It’s news about bikes and bike racing and cyclists and cycling controversies (doping) and cycling product reviews. I listen in every so often when there are big races happening and when Lance Armstrong is suddenly in the spotlight again. All episodes are HERE.

(2) CyclingTips: very much like VeloNews, but…better. A friend here in Boulder is one of the hosts, which is one of the reasons I listen. He’s super smart and his laugh makes me laugh, which is the best. I especially like the way they format the episodes; they’re never boring. All are HERE.

(3) STAGES: Lance! This one is Lance Armstrong’s baby. He also talks racing, bikes, doping, and even Ironman, which was cool. I am a Lance fanatic, so I tune in even if I’m not interested in the content.

(4) The Forward Podcast: also Lance! But this one is more interview style which weekly guests. Honestly, my favorite part of these episodes is the life update he includes in the intro. Sometimes I only tune in for those if I’m not interested in his guests. He had Mia Khalifa on for goodness sake…le sigh.

(1) Crossfit Podcast: I LOVE this podcast. LA LA LA LOVE. It surprises people that I love Crossfit as much as I do. I’ve never been to a proper Crossfit box and I’ve never participated in a Crossfit workout, but I love and truly believe in the Crossfit ethos. Functional movement, a shit-free diet, a supportive community. And, of course, the Games. I follow it closely and look forward to the the Open, Regionals, and the Games each year. This podcast comes straight out of Crossfit HQ and is hosted by Sevan, who is one of the best, most hilarious people I’ve ever listened to.

Noteworthy episodes: 

-I literally cannot pick a favorite. They’re all FANTASTIC. And LONG, so if you have a long drive or flight or run or whatever, these are perfect for all that. 

(2) The Mind Muscle Projectthis one’s mostly Crossfit-related. The two hosts own a Crossfit box in Australia and have all kinds of guests that orbit around Crossfit. Some are weightlifters, some are physicians, some are coaches. It’s a good mix and they’re funny guys.

Noteworthy episodes: 

Ep 180 – What it’s like to be the new generation of CrossFit professional athletes with Streat Hoerner

Ep 179 – From elite athlete to elite coach with Michele Letendre

Ep 110 – The Fittest Man On Earth Mat Fraser

(3) Pursuing Health with Julie FoucherJulie is a doctor and former Crossfit Games athlete. She is one of the OG Crossfitters and I’ve loved her since I started following the sport. She’s super smart and has tons of great guests on her show; mostly athletes and physicians from different fields.

Noteworthy episodes: 

Ep 81 – Postpartum Training and the Road Back to the CrossFit Games with Lindsey Valenzuela

Ep 79 – Sam Briggs on Going Back to Basics and Training for Longevity

Ep 72 – Finding Balance with Two-time Third Fittest Man Patrick Vellner

(4) Honorable mentions: I’m subscribed to Barbell Shrugged/Shrugged Collective and Ben Greenfield Fitness, but I only listen when there are good guests/interesting topics. Have a look if you’re into this genre. 

(1) Stuff You Should Know: if you don’t already listen to this, you’re dead to me. Kidding, but only kinda so you should go download it right now. The hosts, Josh and Chuck, discuss a new topic each episode and it could be anything—literally, anything. Events, products, ideas—you name it. The guys are entertaining and I love learning about new things.

Noteworthy episodes: 

How Amputation Works

How Triage Works

How Space Stations Work

(2) How I Built This: again: download this or we’re not friends. Guy Raz of NPR interviews entrepreneurs who have built some of the most wildly successful businesses in the world…from almost nothing. Every time I listen to a new episode it makes me want to start something big or at least pursue a big dream.

Noteworthy episodes: (pretty much all of them…but these are three of my faves) All of them are HERE but my faves are Clif Bar, Airbnb, Southwest, Patagonia, Warby Parker, Drybar, Crate & Barrel, Lonely Planet, Whole Foods, Toms, Stonyfield, Chipotle…ugh just listen to any of them. They’re all fantastic, ok?

(3) TED Talks // TED Radio Houreveryone (I hope) is familiar with TED. Incredible speakers and thought-leaders sharing stories, experiences, ideas, inventions, etc. There are so many to mention, so I’ve linked the platform above so you can browse.

(1) Ear Hustle: this. one. is. AMAZING. “Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it.” I MEAN COME ON. Nigel Poor is a volunteer, and Earlonne Woods is a prisoner—both at San Quentin State Prison. They talk about what really happens in jail. A lot of the topics give me chills, some make me question our broken prison system, and others make me feel sad that broken families and painful upbringing is the reason inmates find themselves behind bars.

(2) Serial: DUH. Both seasons were outstanding—and so different. This is one series style podcast that I can follow because each episode was an epic cliffhanger. Also, Sarah’s voice is so easy to listen to. I hope they release a third season soon!

(3) Here’s The Thing with Alec BaldwinI didn’t realize how funny Alec Baldwin really is until I saw him on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. He’s equally smart and quick on his podcast where he hosts fun and interesting conversations with a wide variety of actors, business entrepreneurs, musicians, thought leaders, etc. He has lots of VIP friends, I’ll tell you that.

AND OMG I THINK THAT IS IT. This post has taken me over a week to write because I kept taking breaks. There are several more podcasts I have in my queue but don’t listen enough to recommend here. 

Leave your faves in the comments—I love learning about new ones!

3 Replies to “Podcasts! What I’m Listening To”

  1. The Minimalists podcast has been my OBSESSION lately. I literally have listened to no one else for a solid two months. I love me some Dan Harris and Rich Roll though. I’ll have to check some of these out!

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