You Have To Put Yourself In A Hard Place

I’ve written and re-written this like seven times because I couldn’t get it just right but here we are this is the best I can do just roll with it like this obnoxious run on sentence ok thanks bai.

Right now, I make probably a little more than half of what I made in Florida.

For a couple weeks in October 2017 I wasn’t making anything at all. I quit my job and moved myself and everything that fit in my car out to Colorado…without any job prospects. 

Do you want to know how expensive independent healthcare is BECAUSE HOLY JESUS MAN.

It was big and crazy, and the biggest and craziest part was I’d never even been to Colorado. But in Florida, I wasn’t doing what I loved. I wasn’t the person I loved. I was lower than I’d ever been, confused, blind to the path I was on, and completely heartbroken coming off a breakup. I was at rock bottom; I was coasting, just trying to get through each day.

So I did it. I put myself out of a job and moved. In July, my cousin invited me to live with her, and three months later, I was sitting at her kitchen table changing my address.

This was my hard reset.

^^^ Mountains. Most definitely a happy place.

The other night I biked with a friend and we talked about this.

He’s not super happy in his job, but he’s making great money. And he wants to leave eventually, but doesn’t know where he can apply his skills.

I’d been there and I felt everything he’s feeling. I mean, I never had money trees growing out back, but I was certainly doing better, financially, than I am now. But I wasn’t happy.

So I put myself here on purpose. When I quit my job and accepted $0 income for several weeks, I forced myself into the really hard and really stressful place of finding out what would make me happy again, especially in a job.

I found Rapha.

And then I found friends and I found out I love talking to people all day long. And helping people. I love sharing my journey and helping others figure out theirs.

“It’s so worth it. So, so worth it. I don’t want to ever be that unhappy again,” I told my friend on our bike ride. We’d gotten to the top of a hill and I was completely out of breath. But I found a few inhales to tell him how much happier I am now, even with a smaller paycheck, because I forced myself to start over and start doing something every day that would make me happy.

“Really. I’ve never heard anyone just say it like that—so confidently,” he said. And I felt good saying it so confidently.  I think he was surprised a real life example of money-doesn’t-make-you-happier was pedaling right beside him.

This hard place isn’t for everyone. My CTRL+ALT+DELETE reset isn’t for everyone, either. It took me a lot of pain to get there and then get out of there. But it gave me the foundation to build something brand new based on what makes me happy.

Bikes. Coffee. What’s not to love?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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