Spring Cycling in CO = THE BEST


I worked hard for these tan lines.

And that means Spring is here, too! And guess what? It’s a real season in Colorado! 

I loved Colorado’s winter when I first moved here because I was in such a state of CHANGE. I welcomed anything that was different than Florida, especially the weather because that was the biggest.

But now that the days are lighter longer and I rediscovered my t-shirt collection and I have freckles on my face and kit tan (burn) lines on my arms and legs…I’m ready for the warm weather to sick around for awhile. If I never have to get on my trainer again until next winter, I’ll be a happy cyclist.

But, Spring! Goodness, it’s amazing for biking, and I’ve been trying to cram as many miles into my free time as possible.

Two months-ish ago I wrote a post about a friend upping his miles because he had a goal: get faster and hang on with the faster groups. I was really inspired by that because he didn’t give himself an out when he was tired or unmotivated.

So I took a page.

I’ve made an effort to get out at least 2-3 days per week and recruit friends to go with me whenever I can. It’s definitely a different kind of cycling out here than in Florida for lots of obvious reasons, but one of the biggest is riders go by time in the saddle, not by miles. And elevation, too.

Very few care how many miles you clock in a day. They talk elevation gain and loss, where you rode, and time on the bike. I’m still getting used to that because I judge a week on whether or not I settled into the 100-150 mile range.

Spring cycling also means new spring kits!

I feel very fortunate to work for a company that invests in its employees. Every full timer receives a (very generous) stipend to purchase (and keep) Rapha kit. All they want in return is a full review on the pieces. Done!

My favorite so far is the Souplesse Aero Jersey. It’s comfy, breathable, and a great piece that will transition perfectly from spring to summer. I even think it could be a nice baselayer under a jacket on chilly days or high climbs.

But aero kit won’t make me faster, unfortunately. I can’t believe that’s not how it works. 😉

While the weather is fantastic, and cycling with friends is the best thing ever, I still don’t feel great on the bike and I don’t know how long it’s going to take for that to change. It’s frustrating.

The wind and the hills get the best of me most of the time, and my legs feel like dead weight by the end of a 60-miler.

I talked to all the homies about this and the most popular piece of advice is: “If you want to ride hills and ride them faster, then you have to ride hills and ride them faster every time.” 

Sigh. I know.

I can get there, and I’m sure I will get there with more spring and summer rides, but right now we’re in the thick of it.

So the plan? Ride the damn hills, ya know?

Oh, and another Spring uphill battle I’m fighting? FLATS. Construction is everywhere right now on major roads, and I plucked this sucker out of my tire at the end of a ride. It even punctured my Gatorskins, which is CRAY.

More kit I’m loving for Spring: 

RCC Brevet Vest

Classic Flyweight Jersey

Souplesse Jersey II

Core Long Sleeve Jersey

Pro Team Socks

Q FOR YOU: What’s your spring activity? 

Push on (up those hills!), PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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