Redemption: My First Century!

The thing is, I didn’t plan on riding 100 miles. 

That’s always how it starts, doesn’t it?

Yeah, the weather was absolutely perfect. And yeah, I felt fresh after a week off the bike. But it didn’t feel like a 100-mile day when I kitted up. I didn’t even have enough fuel for 100 miles. I didn’t have a real breakfast that morning, and I didn’t sleep enough the night before. I didn’t stock up on bars or fill my bottles with Skratch. It was just a Monday and I was riding…and I’d just see how far I could get.

My first century attempt was a massive disappointment. I threw in the towel at 88 miles; I didn’t have another mile in my legs. Afterwards, I was a useless, salty heap feeling all kinds of sorry for myself in the front seat of my SUV.

That was four months ago, and I didn’t think I’d crush my goal just four months later.

Two weeks ago I rode 210 miles in 5 days on top of a 50+ hour work week…and I was BEAT. So I took a full week off the bike. I did a few light trail runs, hikes, and walks but that’s about it. I wanted to flush the inflammation out of my legs and feel mentally excited to get on the bike again. Normally I feel bad turning down bike plans with friends, but I didn’t even feel like putting on a helmet.

But last Monday, my legs were so ready for it.

That morning felt like any other day on the bike, except I had the day off work and only laundry on my to-do list.

I started climbing almost immediately. A week off, remember?

By halfway I think I had a couple thousand feet of elevation gain and I was feeling amazing. When I came back into town around mile 65, 35 more didn’t sound like a big deal. So right there at a random stoplight in South Boulder…I decided to go for it.

Other than stopping at a gas station in Louisville for Powerade and Clif Bars, those next 35 miles weren’t anything exciting. I ticked off the miles on the flats in the sunshine. And when I finally FINALLY heard my watch beep beep beep into the triple digits, I got my of bike and threw my hands in the air. It was just me and maybe it was all a little anti-climactic, but I did the damn thing. And it would live on in Strava until the end of time 🙏🏻😭

Everyone keeps saying I’ll get addicted to hundreds now that I’ve finally completed one…and I can totally see that happening. It’s extremely satisfying and just a fun day on the bike.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

2 Replies to “Redemption: My First Century!”

  1. Way to go!!! I remember that my first century was a century + 12 miles, because our group kept getting lost towards the end of the ride. There was an intense storm the night before the century, and the volunteers did not have time (or did not want to) mark the route after the 75mile marker.

  2. Well done! That’s quite an achievement and a great one to have ticked off the list! 🙂 I’ve only ever ridden a single hundred miler, it was a good day on the bike but I certainly didn’t get addicted. Probably more fun when with a group to share the time and workload with.

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