Life Is Just So Good and other things lately

This lately is really just a catch-all; words and pictures from the past couple weeks sewn together like Frankenstein. I’ve wanted to post about so many things but haven’t made the time for them. So they get thrown under the “lately” category—the only umbrella that somewhat connects them all—and suddenly we’ve created a monster. 

Shall we? 

^^^Wherever you are. Whatever it is.

“Do you want to ride with us tomorrow?”

“What are you doing next Saturday? We’ve got an epic route planned.”

“Bikes. Then coffee.”

“We got to get you out on that dirt!”

All my Colorado friends ride bikes. Every stinking one. And because living in Florida was such a traumatizing time in my life, I still find it bizarre when I get these texts and Instagram DMs and Strava comments. These people want to ride with me. I belong here, I always think as I read and reply to each one, making plans to shred the dirt and explore new canyons. I feel seen in this community and I feel remembered, if that’s even a feeling as well as a verb. Big changes require big changes. I made them when I moved here, and I’m feeling it.

Moving to Colorado was a big change. But I’ve been making smaller ones, too. 

Like this sweet little thing. My mom and I are writing a book together and while I was working on a particularly tough part, I doodled this on my arm. Right there in that exact place, a visual representation of the chapter I knew would be the most difficult to get through. Every time I looked down at it, I felt something. Three hours later, I was laying on the tattoo artist’s operating table making the damn thing permanent. It’s a big story to tell when people ask about it, so to make it brief, I say it’s about my mom and leave it at that.

On Saturdays, I try to bike somewhere new.

A recent one was to Carter Lake, north of Boulder between Longmont and Loveland. Round trip, it was about 80 miles. The ride there feels long and flat with some rollers thrown in, and before you actually reach the lake it feels like you’ll never make it. But finally, after a brutal switchback-y climb, you’re welcomed with the most epic views. I stopped and smacked on granola before turning around and heading home to real food and a real hot shower.


New Bike Day is the best day. Now that I’m living in Colorado, and the dirt scene is 💯, I’ve been dying to get on some fatter tires and disc brakes. Finally, last week this sweet thing came in and I feel like my riding possibilities are endless. And since #crossiscoming, I’m so so ready for my first season.

I used to not use my iPhone camera for everything. And I miss those days.

My uncle sent me his digital camera to take on rides and capture some of Colorado’s most beautiful trails–most inaccessible to cars. I sat down for a bit and actually read the manual like a real adult while eating a homemade pop tart like the child I actually am. I can’t wait to share higher quality photos and videos of my rides very soon!

There’s so much more lately but I think that’s good for now.

What’s good in life right now?

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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