I’m A Model Now (I’m Not A Model Now)

Twice in the past week a friend has told me, “You inspired me to do XYZ…”

Before I moved to Colorado, I don’t think someone told me that twice in three years. Co-workers might’ve said it in passing after I’d had an especially long training run or ride, but it wasn’t as special because these sessions never came from a self-loving place.

Last week, my friends felt inspired by something I’d done out of happiness. It was genuine, and that felt really good.

This doesn’t have any relation to the rest of this post, but I wanted to share. It made me thankful I’m using happiness as my north star and even doing it unconsciously these days. I hope this helps someone who is stuck or feeling like they need a guiding light like I did.

Another real moment of happiness: I’M A MODEL (read: I AM NOT REALLY A MODEL). But I got to play one for a couple hours.

Aside from turning my life around completely, bringing me more joy and happiness than I can possibly fathom at this point in my life, Rapha has also provided me with seriously cool opportunities. Like photo shoots!

Rapha Racing is partnered with Canyon Bicycles, a super swank bicycle company and sponsor of some professional racing teams.

So, how did a barista-slash-writer who’s still basically new to Colorado get to be photographed riding a bike nicer than her car around in the mountains one Tuesday evening…? Well, our people know the Canyon people and also—we didn’t get paid. But we did get to keep a rad pair of Roka sunglasses, which is more than I expected in the first place.

Canyon is revamping their website and wanted the mountain goodness as their backdrop. We rolled out around 5:30 p.m., just in time to climb up Flagstaff Mountain, do a few switchbacks, then get totally poured on by the cloud Meredith is pointing at in the photo. Pretty sure she was saying, “Oh shit, here it comes.”

To tell you the truth, I almost backed out of this day-of. 

The week leading up to the shoot, my excitement turned into panic and nerves. I’m not a model. I repeated that over and over in my head. I fell asleep to it, woke up to it, and stared it in the face when I looked in the mirror. It finally took some encouragement one of my very honest co-workers: If they didn’t want you, they wouldn’t have asked you. 

He was right and I was holding on to a lot of negative emotions I thought I’d left back in Florida.

The shoot went really well; the photographers were stoked on the photos and videos they got, and they thanked us a dozen times when we were packing up.

It will be a couple months before the site launches and the images are shared, but I can’t wait to see the final product. And, as always, I am so thankful for these types of opportunities. The life I’m living…it blows my mind.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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