Push Picks x SEP 19 18: Today Is A Sick Day

Remember Push Picks…? Let’s revive this series. 

I just accidentally typed suck day. That, too. 

I’m never sick! At least not while living in Colorado. Back in Florida, I was sick a lot. A lot, a lot. I probably used up all my sick days in a couple months each year. Thank goodness for my previous employer’s patience, support, and unlimited-ish sick days. 

Looking back, though, I wasn’t sick. I was sad. And stressed about being sad. I experienced flu symptoms almost every week, had killer headaches, lost sleep, and, at my lowest and sickest, I developed ulcers. 

When I moved to Colorado I stopped getting sick. (I was actually sick the first two months I moved here but I think that had a lot to do with the altitude, allergies, and experiencing real seasons.) After that <<< it was almost immediate. When I quit my job and uprooted my whole life, there was a noticeable shift in my mindset and my health. A lot of that had to do with geography, but much of that I’d attribute to my cousin. Living with her in a new place, operating on a new schedule. It was a true reset. 

Today, though? I got the sore throat, the pounding head, upset stomach, and last night I definitely had a fever. Ugh. 

This past weekend, with all the family all in one house and the cramped flights in a short period of time, I think something yucky got me.

So what am I doing today? Nothing. I need a little nothing right now. I need some coffee and podcasts and some reading in bed. 

Here’s what I’m reading and listening to if you’re ever under the weather…

Rich Roll’s interview with John McAvoy: Do the kids still say SHOOK? Because I’m shook and still shaking after listening to this podcast THREE TIMES, GUYS. It’s a long listen, which is quintessential Rich Roll, but it’s worth your time.

Five Days At Memorial: I read 20 pages in the nonfiction section of Barnes & Noble before I actually bought it. I don’t buy books as often as I used to but this one got me. One beautiful weekend afternoon after a long bike ride, all I wanted to do was sit outside with a book and a box of Whole Foods hot bar, so I picked this one up on my way to stuff my face. It’s a long one, but I can’t put it down.

NYMag’s Select All: I don’t know how I found this site, but it’s a cool tech website from NY Media. Lots of cool articles and thought pieces. From their website: “Select All will continue to report on the weird and wonderful ways people express themselves on the internet and social media. But we’ll also be widening our focus to include very personal recommendations for cutting-edge gadgets, the roller-coaster careers of the tastemakers of social media, and the ways in which the titans of Silicon Valley affect all of our lives.”

OMG SERIAL SEASON 3: The trailer is out, I REPEAT: THE TRAILER IS OUT. I listened to seasons one and two a few times each, so I’m pumped for this third season. Anyone else?

Cory Richards: I meet a lot of amazing people living in Boulder and working at Rapha. One of them is Cory Richards. He’s a National Geographic photographer with an unbelievable history, but if you didn’t recognize his face from a cover in 2012, you’d never know any of that. Reading this article put big life things in perspective, made me more compassionate towards everyone I meet, and appreciate what I have and how I get to live this life each day. He mentions in another article he had a defining moment at age 35 and it makes me wonder…where do you go from there? What’s left after that? And how does one deal with that? It’s heavy.

Now…I need to get back to doing nothing.

Push on, PUSH ANIMALS >>>

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