Off Weekend: Running, Hiking, Ordering Takeout

I didn’t race this past weekend.

Not because I’m over it and not because I’ve lost the fire, but because I just needed a break. My race typically lasts just 40-48 minutes, which might not sound long, but if you’ve ever started and finished a cyclocross race, you know it can feel like a firey eternity. And there’s a lot of legwork involved in those 40-48 minutes. (Pun kinda intended.) There’s packing all the clothes for every kind of weather, prepping the bike, getting to bed early, getting up earlier, grabbing coffee on the way (yes, priority), spending time in the car, pre-riding the course, and suppressing then the nerves of racing, which is a huge energy drain on the mind and body.

I truly love this new sport and I love the whole process, but this weekend I just wanted to slow down a little. I wanted to sleep in and let my own body rhythms wake me up in the morning. I wanted to make coffee and watch movies and paint my nails.

So I did it all.

On Thursday evening I got out of work a little early and headed straight for the mountains. I picked a new-to-me trail near work, parked, and started climbing. That’s probably one of the most special things about living next to the Rockies: endless and free adventures.

The Anemone Trail. It’s an out-and-back situation, which I didn’t know, but ended up being really beautiful.

On Friday was up early for a bike ride before I had to work my freelance job. It wasn’t too busy that day so I went back to this new trail at sunset and hiked it a second time, then tacked on an extra loop of the Red Rocks trail which is close by.

^^^ Have you been on Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World? This place feels like that but IT’S REAL.

It kinda sucks that the sun is set by 5 p.m., but damn it’s beautiful. I didn’t have to be anywhere special Saturday morning, so I took my time.

I picked a great weekend to hang up my wheels because I woke up to rain on Saturday morning which turned into sleet and then finally snow as the temperatures slowly dropped into the mid-20s. Before it got too bad I headed just up the road to my favorite running trail, Davidson Mesa, in Louisville. It’s the best to run in crappy weather because it’s flat and doesn’t get too sloppy or slushy.

The snow fell on and off over my 7 miles, which was such a treat.

I guess maybe I loved this weekend so much because I did exactly what felt good for me every day. I caught some crap for not racing; a couple friends/customers at work told me I “conveniently” picked a snowy weekend to take a break because of the nasty conditions. But, frankly, screw that nonsense. 

I say do what’s fun. I say do what makes you happy, even if that includes staying in bed for an extra hour and also ordering take-out food later that evening. 

Sometimes it’s important to do nothing. The soul needs some slowness every now and then.

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