Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunt Books: NOW LIVE!

In 2008, I participated in the Disney College Program and it was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. 

During my first year at Bowling Green State University, I remember walking home from class one night and I noticed a flyer posted on one of our campus boards advertising a Disney College Program information night. I had never heard of the program and didn’t know what it was about, but since I grew up going to Disney every weekend, I knew I needed to find out more.

The information session was held a couple nights later in a random classroom on campus. It was a full house. A rep from Disney wasted no time and dove right into the details of the program.

The Disney College Program is a paid internship where you work at Walt Disney World and have the option to take different classes for partial college credit. Well, I hadn’t picked a major yet at Bowling Green, was struggling to fit in and find my way as a college student, and I knew this would be a great reset to help me find my way and do something really fun.

The day my big purple acceptance envelope arrived in the mail, I jumped up and down and probably called my parents IMMEDIATELY.

The first semester of my sophomore year was spent working on Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom while taking a marketing class a couple times per week. It was all such a dream.

While I was there, my mom sent me a Disney scavenger hunt book she found at the book store. It had pages and pages and pages of clues and challenges for every park, hotel, water park, restaurant, etc. On the days I wasn’t working or going to class, I would take the book with me into the parks and walk around for HOURS scribbling down answers. I would come home totally beat but excited to visit more spots. I never finished the book—there were way too many clues and pages.

Several years later, when my parents moved from Buffalo to Orlando, I decided to make my own scavenger hunt book for THEM, so they could make a day of it and have as much fun traipsing around the parks as I did.

I gifted my first book to them in 2012 and my mom cried when she opened it…which made me so happy. Mission accomplished!

This past Christmas in 2018, I decided to create a second book since the parks have changed so much in those six years. It was tough to put together living in Boulder, CO so I relied a lot on photos and descriptions on Disney’s website to craft questions and clues.

The result? My mom cried AGAIN.

SO! Since it was such a hit, I made them available to the whole world in my new Etsy shop!!

I put this off for awhile, thinking it was too complicated. But setting up an Etsy shop was actually extremely easy and very intuitive.

Here’s what’s in it:

  • 10 questions/park
  • 1 bonus question/park
  • 1 challenge/park
  • 4 Walt quotes (of course)

My goal is to keep updating the shop with fun things to do in the parks and cater to all kinds of visitors: newlyweds, honeymooners, friends, first-timers, kids, etc.

If you or someone you know loves Disney or is taking a trip there, consider gifting this downloadable PDF for your or their next visit!

Have a magical weekend 🙂

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