9 New Year Intentions: Gentle Goals

The first Monday of the New Year! Aaaand we’re back on a somewhat normal schedule and headspace. Partially because the holidays are over, kinda because I went back to my freelance job today, but mostly because I got two very restful eight-hour nights of sleep in a row. That hasn’t happened since ??????

A warm, sunny run in Florida over Christmas. (Take me back!)

So, with a clear head, a little inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, and an appetite for getting shit done in 2019, I dove into goal-setting. Last week I heard Lee (@leefromamerica) talk about her intentions for the new year. She called them “gentle goals.” And, right away, I got it. Suddenly, everything I wanted or want to be or want to do seemed…approachable, and even attainable. It’s like dipping your toes into goal-setting without the pressure and without drowning in failure after one misstep.

Gentle goals.

It just sounds friendly, doesn’t it?

They’re our intentions, not hard and fast dates on the calendar. Like reducing waste by stashing reusable cups and bags in the car. Or leaving the phone in another room during dinner.

No numbers or charts, no measuring. Just a loose plan to do better. I want to accomplish things but also be a happier human while I’m doing it. Make sense?

So. Mine!

  1. Work on our book more. My mom and I are writing books together. Unfortunately, she has a really good headstart on me because I didn’t put in as much work on mine in 2018 as I should’ve. It’s important to both of us, so I’m going to write more.
  2. Try a Crossfit class. I LOVE Crossfit. I’ve followed the Games and the athletes for years and years, but I’ve never stepped foot into a Crossfit gym. A few of my buddies who work at a gym close to me offered to do a free class with me. It’s happening.
  3. Try out a road race. (cycling) Last year I picked up cyclocross and totally fell in love. I have a feeling I won’t love road racing as much, but it’s a new challenge I’m excited to take on.
  4. Read more books. This year, my reading time will most likely turn into my writing time, but I hope to carve out a few hours here and there. I have a list of books I’m dying to read.
  5. Say. Yes. More. Good things come from saying YES to new experiences and new people. I went to a friend’s birthday party last week, met a ton of new people, and got to know a lot more about the ones I’m familiar with. 
  6. Send snail mail. My grandfather passed away this summer and it’s been very hard on my grandma. So I’m going to take a few minutes every now and then to write her. I miss her a lot.
  7. Keep applying. Last week another one of my friends got a new job here, after just a couple months of applying. I’ve been applying for over a year and still haven’t nailed down a full-time writing job. It’s a tough market out there, but I’m not giving up.
  8. 10,000 steps a day. Ok, so this one is a number, but it’s a ballpark. I want to be more *calmly* active outside of workouts, and this is also a way to get myself outside after I’ve been inside working all day.
  9. Share more. I wrote a pretty heavy blog post about my failed relationship awhile back, and when my mom read it she told me I shouldn’t go so deep. Just a couple days later I had friends and strangers telling me how much it helped—and how they felt they weren’t alone. THAT is why I share. There are billions of people on this planet. We’re not alone in anything. And it helps me work through things, too.

Got any to share?

4 Replies to “9 New Year Intentions: Gentle Goals”

  1. I agree that this job market is no joke, but you gotta kept at it. When you least expect it, you’ll land a job. In my history, a month after accepting a position, I get a bunch of invites for job interviews.

    Good luck!

  2. “Gentle Goals”… I like that idea! Not too much pressure to achieve massive things, but a manual to guide you through the year!
    Number five, seven and nine are on my list, too… plus, I want to travel to as many new destinations as possible on a bicycle, I’m not sure, if this counts as a gentle goal though…

  3. Let me know how that cross fit class goes!! Been tempted to try one, but I’m honestly nervous to go alone! (There I said it 😅). On board with this way of thinking. Can’t wait to read more!

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