The First Spring Ride

Spring! It’s here! I’m giddy for it.  

In celebration, I took myself out for a gravel ride in the beautiful Colorado sunshine at 10:30 a.m. on a Friday morning. I enjoyed some coffee and waited for the world to warm a little first.

Since I start my new job on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., I get exactly three days of funemployment until I’m officially employed again, so I’m going to make the most of each one. In hindsight, I should’ve taken…more than three days off before re-entering the ad world, but here we are.

The groad was so perfectly cakey.

So, can I share something here? Something I thought about maybe 83% of my ride today? (The other 17% was spent thinking about my doo doo caca fitness level.) When I start this new job, I’m afraid I’ll lose touch with my friends. I’m afraid I’ll miss big events in the Rapha and cycling communities. I’m afraid I’ll be forgotten. They’re real fears and it’s been emotional for me.

I said goodbye to everyone at my current job yesterday, got in my car and cried. Not, like, a glistening tear rolling down my cheek. I ugly cried around the corner, face in hands, chest heaving, snot pouring out my nose. And then I wondered if I’d made the right decision? Am I leaving a job I love and people I love for the right reasons? 

Every once in awhile I’d look up at the bright blue sky, listen to the gravel crunch beneath my tires, and try and snap myself out of it. I often go for bike rides when I need to feel things out in the open and today was a beautiful day for it. I guess like I said before it’s a new season, and I’ll move through it the best I can.

About 35 miles in, I stopped at the Mountain Fountain for coffee and—surprise, surprise—I saw a cycling friend. They’re everywhere. I let the sun soak into my face, hoping it would just stick around for awhile, and that our last cold snap was our last of the winter season.

I covered about 55 miles today after more than a month off the bike and boy will I feel every single one tomorrow. I’ve been riding the trainer here and there, but not enough to feel like I picked up where I left off in the Fall. That’s the other 17%.

I really do think good things are on the horizon, along with warmer days, and I’m excited for both. Today reminded me of that.

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