Weekend Things: Trail Running + MOVING

One of the many things I like about my current job is that we get one work-from-home day per month. It’s a little treat I look forward to at the beginning of the month, especially since my commute is long and somehow sipping coffee on my porch is more delicious than at my standing desk.

I haven’t taken my July day yet and I was this close to using it today, but I knew a bunch of my projects would get done more quickly if I was in the office. It’s just that…I need a day to recover from my weekend! That’s usually the sign of a great weekend, though, right?

See, on Saturday I had a big trail run, and on Sunday I rode the Rapha Women’s Prestige. It was exhausting, my whole body hurts, and I wish I had gotten at least two more hours of sleep last night. But, alas, here I am slumped over my sad desk lunch counting down the hours until I can crawl back under my bed sheets.

Before I tell the very long, painful, and beautiful tale of Sunday’s Women’s Prestige ride in another post, I have more weekend things to talk about.

The first is my Saturday long run.

A couple months ago I made it a goal to run one 13.1 each month. It sounded fun—the kind of fun only endurance athletes seek out—and it sounded attainable. I also want to stay in 13.1 shape as long as I can this season because it’s just good base fitness to have when I want to spontaneously do a long weekend hike.

Unfortunately, I woke up on Saturday tired and completely unmotivated to run those 13.1 miles. I knew it was going to be hot and that I would be riding a bike for the better part of my waking hours on Sunday…but I had my heart set on it, so I downed a few cups of coffee, laced up my shoes, and drove to the trail. From my first few steps in the first mile I knew it was going to be a long day.

My legs were not cooperating, and it seemed like my Dystonia was affecting my stride even more than it usually does. I was also wearing a Camelbak filled with water. The trail I usually run is completely exposed to the sun and I was worried I would overheat without water along the way. I ended up drinking almost two liters throughout my run, so I was happy to have the pack with me, but it’s not designed for running, and the jostling really killed any sort of rhythm I tried to put together.


An hour and a half in, I was ready to bag the whole thing and try for 13.1 on another July weekend. I was frustrated and crabby, hungry and chafing…but I had nothing else going on that day, so I gave myself a little pep talk, sucked down some more ice water that, by then, was borderline hot, and kept pushing on. I gave myself permission to walk as much and as slow as I wanted and needed. This was supposed to be a fun goal to challenge myself a little each month, not a punishment. I know I wasn’t the only one suffering out there because every five minutes or so a rider or runner passed with glazed eyes and a long face covered in sweat.

For the last two miles, I switched from podcasts to music and let The Siege drill holes in my eardrums; I think it was the only thing that got me back to the parking lot.

Years ago, a run like this would’ve killed my spirit. I would have let it ruin my whole day—maybe my whole weekend. But for the most part, I’ve accepted my Dystonia and learned that if I want to keep running, I’ll have to modify my expectations and my attitude.

The next thing? I’M MOVING!

It was one of those right-place-right-time sorta things. I’ve been scoping out apartments for the last few months, and this one felt like it fell right into my lap. It’s a garage studio with lofted ceilings, beautiful trim, updated an updated bathroom and appliances, hardwood floors throughout and a chandelier in the damn bathroom. I’m obsessed. And it’s in Louisville, the town I first lived in when I moved to Colorado at the end of 2017. The owners are lovely and are actually from a town near where I grew up! I told my mom and she agrees—it’s meant to be. Mostly, I’m excited for a space of my own with air conditioning. My roommates are great, but I’m anxious for my own place and unlimited AC.

I think that’s all I’ve got. My next post will be about the Rapha Women’s Prestige. And it’ll be a long one!

2 Replies to “Weekend Things: Trail Running + MOVING”

  1. Really excited for you!!!! Congrats on your new place. Also a chandelier in the BATHROOM? Sounds awesome 😎 pics when you’re settled!

  2. Congrats Linds! Sounds like you’ve found a beautiful new place to live. The question of the moment is … will you be having a shorter commute to work now? I hope so.

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