The Best Running and Cycling #Content I’ve Consumed Recently

This is not a favorites post. I repeat: this is NOT A FAVORITES POST. I don’t love those, especially because most of them are filled with stuff to buy, and I don’t think we need more THINGS in our lives (unless it’s bikes or running shoes, let’s be serious). Instead, I’m sharing lots of great content I’ve been listening to, watching, and reading lately. I was going to limit this to podcasts but there is so much good material out there across multiple platforms.

Feel free to share your favorites in the comments. I’m always looking for new outlets, stories, videos, etc. because I’m a millennial girl living in a millennial world. Let’s do this.

This is an extensive list (which is actually longer on my phone) but these were a few standout episodes I listened to lately either on my way to work or on rides or runs. Sometimes I feel sad when I hear about runners chasing big dreams and achieving big goals because I had to let go of PRing, but I also feel excited for them and love hearing about the hard work it took to get these athletes to where they are. Clearly I have a mild obsession with Chris Chavez of the Citius Mag Podcast and many of his interviews lately, but he’s pumping out some great content with athletes that aren’t regularly in the news or on tons of other podcast channels (not counting Usain Bolt, of course).

Runners of NYC with Paul Leak

Runners of NYC with David Kilgore

Runners of NYC with Zac Price

Citius Mag Podcast with Usain Bolt

Citius Mag Podcast with Stephen Kersh

Citius Mag Podcast In Memory of Gabe Grunewald

Ali on The Run with Sarah Mac

Road to the Olympic Trials Podcast with Parker Stinson

Rich Roll Podcast with Matt Futterman


Confession: I. Love. YouTube. My queue is maybe the most random subscription list you’ll see on the platform, but it’s because the content is as wide as it is deep. Anything you’re interested in, someone has probably made a video about it. In the running category, I’m loving Emma Abrahamson. She’s a former Oregon Duck cross country and track runner, a recent graduate, and is currently figuring out the post-grad life by following her passion of furthering running as a sport. She’s covered some of the bigger track and field meets around the country and continues to bring fun and engaging content to the platform. Sage of Vo2maxProductions lives in Boulder (and I’ve actually seen him running on a local bike path!) and offers great training advice, workouts, nutrition tips, and race recaps. Billy Yang and the Ginger Runner are awesome storytellers with beautiful videos and Ethan, the Ginger Runner, hosts live, interactive videos each week where viewers can ask questions in real time.

Emma Abrahamson’s channel

Vo2maxProductsions channel

Billy Yang’s channel

The Ginger Runner’s channel


If you’re a runner and you don’t follow Cate Barrett (and her cat, Cortado) what are you even doing? Cate wrote an awesome article for Oiselle about focusing on having fun in your bikini, not what you look like in it and that conversation really spoke to me. I don’t even own a bikini these days because I feel so incredibly uncomfortable in them, especially after moving to Colorado and gaining a few pounds. I told myself I could never been seen in one because what happens if someone takes a picture of me in one? When I visited my family at our lake house in New Jersey, I didn’t go to the beach—not once—and I know I missed out on some great time with friends and family. That’s sad. I’m really working on self-love these days as cheesy as that sounds and I know eventually I’ll work up to getting into a bikini in public again. Baby steps.

Oiselle Blog: Putting an End to My Bikini Drought

Sports Illustrated: Sara Hall’s Road to the Olympic Trials Includes the Berlin and NYC Marathon


Zwift Power Up is a new one for me, and I was hooked when I listened to the interview with Geraint Thomas. Cyclists, to me, almost feel untouchable. They feel inaccessible. Most of them, at least. Peter Sagan, Mark Cavendish, Taylor Phinney, Alex Howes, and more—those guys are exceptions to the peloton because they’re active on social media and offer more of themselves to the public. Other riders at the top of the sport, like Geraint Thomas, sometimes don’t feel as open. He’s such a high-profile rider, and I was actually shocked he gave someone an hour of his time. Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview and it was nice to get a peek into his training and racing coming up. My favorite cycling podcast, CyclingTips shared an episode every day covering each stage of the Tour over the three weeks and it was, in a word, fantastic. Caley, the host, is a Boulder, CO local and kind of a friend and I was so impressed with their coverage. They had multiple co-hosts throughout the month and offered incredible insight into the race and the riders.

Zwift Power Up with Geraint Thomas

CyclingTips Podcast: The entire three weeks of Tour de France coverage


I’m biased because I worked for Rapha, but they’ve been coming out with some great video pieces lately in collaboration with riders, filmmakers and big races. The Tour coverage was great and I had a lot of fun tuning in for each episode.

Rapha’s channel


Without a doubt, one of the best things I read during the Tour was Iain’s article about the shit he collected from the caravans at the Tour de France. He described it as his “own personal Tour de France” which I found incredibly hilarious. Please read it.

CyclingTips: The things thrown at me by the Tour de France caravan

Bloomberg: The Fight to Save Professional Cycling From Itself

VeloNews: Commentary: Here’s hoping Alaphilippe doesn’t change a thing


These are neither running nor cycling-focused, but I have a wide range of interests including weightlifting, science and exercises surrounding bodybuilding, and trends in the health and wellness world. The guys at Mind Muscle Project are absolutely hysterical and also super smart. They’re co-owners of a couple gyms in Australia and host this podcast. This week they shared an episode they recorded awhile ago with Bret Contreras, also known as “The Glute Guy.” Bret has a PhD and has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and learn more about lifting. I loved this conversation. Mind Pump isn’t a podcast I listen to regularly, but sometimes they have topics I’m more interested in. This one discusses the “scam” that is Beachbody as well as pyramid schemes in general. I know a ton of people who push Beachbody—some have made a great living and some have dissolved their “coaching” business. If you want to know more about the pros and cons, check out this episode.

Mind Muscle Project with Bret Contreras

Mind Pump on Beachbody

That’s all I’ve got…which is A LOT, I know. Again, share what you’re watching, listening to, and reading! And/or your favorite people and brands to follow on Instagram. #CONTENT Happy Friday.

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