Two Must-Try Places to Eat Around Boulder

I’m featuring three places to eat in this post, but only two really deserve the limelight. You’ll see.

Now, I always have great intentions of documenting the most delicious things I eat on special weekends like this past one when my parents were in town, but sometimes I’m literally just too busy eating and talking and, suddenly, my plate is clean. That’s probably healthier than staring at my phone, though, right?

Well, this weekend I really tried because we had some delicious dishes and views, and I managed to capture a good bit of my meals on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday lunch at Lulu’s: Louisville

After my cyclocross race on Saturday, we were all kind of starving, so we headed back to Louisville for some food at Lulu’s. it’s a cute barbeque joint that sits on a corner on the main street in Louisville. I’d never been, even when I lived here for a few months in 2017-2018. Actually, I haven’t been to many restaurants in Colorado because I just don’t eat out that often. But when I do, I spend a disgusting amount of money at the Whole Foods hot bar.

My mom and I both got the same thing: the house salad with pulled chicken. And honestly? There was nothing special about it. The salad wasn’t exciting and the meat was pretty dry. I’m not a barbeque person to begin with, so this meal was pretty underwhelming. Maybe I’ll go back with friends and try something else. Overall rating: 3/10

Sunday morning brunch at Santo: North Boulder

So, completely contradicting everything I said earlier: I have been to Santo, but only once the last time my mom visited a while ago. On Sunday morning, after a lovely long night of sleep and a 6-ish mile trail run, my parents and I headed to Santo for brunch after my mom and I raved about it to my dad for about 20 minutes. The restaurant itself is pretty unassuming. It’s in a small strip mall in North Boulder without any flashy signs or advertising, but their outdoor seating offers gorgeous views of the Flatirons, which makes a dining experience that much more special. I learned about Santo from one of my friends awhile back, and I’m totally hooked. I tell everyone I know about this place.

Their brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday starting around 9:30 a.m. They cook up fancier Mexican cuisine but with plenty of American favorites like eggs, toast, potatoes. I went with a bunch of sides so I could make my own dish: scrambled eggs seasoned perfectly, smashed fingerling potatoes that were crispy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside, sautéed greens, and thick toasted bread. Oh man, I’m drooling just thinking about it. My meal was served with homemade jam and ketchup and endless cups of Ozo coffee. My mom had a loaded burrito of some sort and my dad went with a spicy eggs benedict-type dish. I finished almost everything on my plate and left feeling satisfied but not totally full and sick. I think that’s due to a combination of self-awareness and high-quality ingredients. Overall rating: 12/10

Sunday evening dinner at Acreage: Lafayette

After an afternoon of exploring and a scenic drive into the mountains, I picked out Acreage in Lafayette for our last meal together on my parents’ trip. A friend of mine posted about this place on Instagram stories and I knew I had to check it out. My parents and I don’t really drink, so we didn’t take advantage of the cider menu they’re known for, but I knew the menu would be pretty on point.

I was actually still a little full from brunch, so I chose a lighter but absolutely delicious dish: the chicken confit with panisse frites, greens, and sautéed mushrooms of some kind. Panisse frites, I learned after my dish arrived, are chickpea fries. They look like thick rectangular French fry blocks sprinkled with salt and WOW were they good. Crispy on the outside and light and a little mushy (in a good way) on the inside. The chicken was super flavorful and fell right off the bones. My dad ordered the same dish as me and my mom got pork chops. We all loved our food but agreed the portions were small. I’d definitely go back, especially with friends just to sit outside on the porch and have some drinks with spectacular mountain views. Overall rating: 8/10

OBVIOUSLY I’m not a food critic. I don’t know what I’m tasting half the time, and I had to Google the word “panisse,” but what I cared about the most this weekend was spending time with my favorite people in the place that means the most to me.

What’s the last best thing you ate/drank recently?

5 Replies to “Two Must-Try Places to Eat Around Boulder”

      1. Top 3 that come to mind are El Five (by the same people that do Root Down if you are familiar), FNG in the Highlands neighborhood (must try the bison enchiladas!), and Palizo Italiano in the Platt Park neighborhood!

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