Rapha X Gravity Haus PiePalooza Ride

Since I’m over here catching up on all the recaps and things, I might as well get out my pie ride post! It’s a fun one.

This past Sunday, Rapha and Gravity Haus hosted a ride they called PiePalooza, and it was a blast! Gravity Haus “is a progressive hotel concept built for adventurous, mobile, discerning visitors and their families. It embraces an active lifestyle that melds work, play, and family — providing everything visitors need into one epic base camp.”

Ok, so you’re probably like…why pie? Well, there’s a tiny town up in the mountains above Boulder called Gold Hill and their itty bitty general store serves up the most delicious homemade baked goods like big cookies, quiches, macaroon bars, and PIE. Special pilgrimages are made just to get a slice, especially by bike. And since the trees up there are shedding their greens for a most beautiful golden yellow, it was the perfect excuse to peep some leaves and take advantage of the last bits of warm fall weather.

I got to the Rapha clubhouse around 8:40 a.m. to pre-caffeinate. Riders slowly trickled in, one by one. After a round of introductions and route details, about 25 of us headed out at 9 a.m.

The route was quintessential Boulder, Colorado. Over Old Stage > up to Jamestown > up Super James > continue to Peak to Peak Hwy > a few miles to Ward > a short descent down Lefthand Canyon > one mile up Sawmill Rd > continue on to Gold Hill > PIE > a chilly descent down Fourmile > up Poorman Rd to avoid construction > down Sunshine Canyon back to the clubhouse.

I had ridden all those roads except Sawmill, which was a real grinder after so much climbing up to Peak to Peak.

The group obviously split up a bit along the way, but every so often we would regroup and continue on.

When we finally reached Gold Hill sometime mid-afternoon, the pie and hot coffee was waiting for us.

Every chair was filled with locals or spandex-clad cyclists hunched over a crumbly slice of berry or apple pie. I chose mixed berry. The crust was perfect sweet and the berries were exploding with flavor. I earned this, I thought as I savored each forkful.

I got to chat with some new people, which was also a treat. When we all seemed to be finished, we re-grouped and headed back down toward town. The sun was out, but the temps were still sitting somewhere in the high 50s, which made for a chilly descent.

When we rolled back into Rapha, we’d ridden about 45 miles with almost 6,000 feet of climbing. My body was feeling pretty wrecked earlier that morning from a hard day of racing the day before, but I was so happy I went for it anyway. It ended up being a really great day!

Right now, I’m staring outside at our first snowfall of the season. It’s kind of a freak storm blowing through town, and we should be back to the 60s in a day or so, but I’m not sure I’m truly ready for snow yet! Yikes!

Have a lovely weekend!

One Reply to “Rapha X Gravity Haus PiePalooza Ride”

  1. Congrats for the ride, it looks like a tough one from the distance and climb! And the pie looks delicious! I love the feeling of being physically tired and eating something sweet & tasty – you can feel the boost of energy!

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