Boulder’s First Taste of Snow

Ah…thank goodness, I thought as I rubbed one tired eye and peered out my frosty-rimmed kitchen window with the other. Piles of fluffy snow blanketed our bushes, and covered my car and the top of our city-issued recycle bin with fresh flakes.

After a glorious 9-hour sleep on Saturday night, I woke up a little after 8 a.m. on Sunday morning feeling like a new woman. I padded over to my closet and slipped on a cozy pair of wool socks. My space heater ran all night, keeping my little apartment toasty warm, but my wood floors never seem to absorb the heat. I chugged a glass of water as I waited for my coffee to finish brewing.

I love mornings like this. Nothing to do and nowhere to be means I can ease into the day and even fall back asleep in my big comfy chair for another twenty minutes while reading a book. Which I did.

^^^ I just finished Scott Kelly’s book, and it is fantastic—just absolutely mind-blowing how far we’ve come as a species to launch ourselves into space and then live there for a year. One thing I was surprised by was that Kelly thinks we can actually inhabit Mars one day. I can’t imagine that, but he’s has experienced space unlike any other American ever has, and maybe I should take his word for it?

When I woke up (again) in my big comfy chair that Sunday morning, it was nearing 10 a.m. and the temps had finally reached the upper 20s. I rinsed out my mug and dug out my winter running gear from the back of my closet. When I moved into this new place in September, I was still in shorts, tank tops, and sweating my butt off. My fleece-lined tights and windproof jackets were shoved at the bottom of various bags. Winter didn’t feel so close in September, so I’d forgotten how soon after I moved in that I’d need those items again. Sigh.

Three layers, a thick pair of gloves, wool socks, and a buff fashioned into a headband kept me warm for six and a half miles around the neighborhood. The skies were gray but the air felt so fresh, and the new coating of snow was magical. I made fresh tracks every sidewalk I turned.

^^^ Ayyyy iPhone 11 upgrade. The camera is actually nuts. 

I could’ve stayed out there all day but my stomach grumbled, so I stretched a little before heading back up into my warm and cozy apartment. No plans, remember?

Since Sunday we’ve had a steady dumping of snow with cold temperatures. Freezing. Below freezing, actually. It was the in single digits when my alarm so rudely woke me up this morning around 6 a.m. and then stuck there when I scraped multiple layers of ice and snow off my windshield an hour later.

I don’t mind the cold and the scraping that much, but I do miss the time on my bike. I miss short sleeves and being tan. I miss hot, sweaty runs after work and guzzling ice cold water in the trailhead parking lot. But sometimes I think making it through this cold winter season makes spring and summer that much more special.

A bright light in all this? I am getting a lot of indoor projects in like organizing some clothes in my closet and hanging up some things on my walls…

^^^ Thanks to an Instagram ad, I found this awesome company called Smallwood Home. They had an insane sale going on, and I got one of my photos printed on this canvas. It arrived just like this; all I had to do was unroll and hang! Great site for gifts this season, too. 

Also, I think we’re headed back into the high 40s this weekend, so at least there’s a light at the end of this igloo tunnel.

Channeling my Al Roker here: What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

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