A Winter Chop

This one time, while working at Rapha, my co-worker and I got talking about haircuts.

She rarely gets them and told me that when her hair starts to get a little too long she just flips her head over in the bathroom and starts blindly cutting. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, if I did that I’d have to wear a hat until it grew out. I’d never, ever get away with it. But she’s hip and grungy in a totally effortlessly-cool tomboy type of way so her hair always looks stylishly disheveled and even better when she pulls it into a messy bun. Plus, it saves her money, she says, and she’s never really concerned with style and fitting in. But the thing is, she literally doesn’t need to be because she’s stylish without even trying. Ugh. Love her and hate her for that.

Anyway. During this conversation—over a year ago—I told her I was in desperate need to take a few inches off but that stylists in Colorado were so pricey.

“I’m not spending $70 for a trim. That’s insane. I don’t care about my hair that much,” I huffed while scrolling my phone looking at different salons in Boulder.

Half-jokingly she said, “Well, you could go to Supercuts.”

I paused and then snorted, “Ha! I mean…I care more than Supercuts.”

Since then it’s been a joke between us when one of us gets a cut.

A few months after that conversation I found Lia at Avalon Hair Studio in Boulder and I’ve been loyal to her ever since. I am always impressed when she can somehow translate the ideas in my head to a haircut I’m completely in love with. One cut in particular I remember telling her I wanted it long enough to put up in a pony for summer running, but when I left I was convinced she’d cut it too short. But the next morning when I pulled it up onto the top of my head, it all fit and stayed put. She’s a magician. Plus, she’s very reasonably priced.

Earlier this week one morning while I was drying my hair, these big long pieces in the back kept getting caught in my mouth and behind my ear and it was driving me absolutely nuts.

“OMG I want to just chop all my hair off!” I was so unreasonably annoyed—but also late to work, so there’s that.

A couple hours later I scheduled an appointment with her for Thursday evening aaaaand here’s what happened:

^^^ Only the classiest picture in my gym’s locker room, lol.

SHORT. And I love it so much.

Since I’m riding more and running less (and doing more home HIIT workouts), the ponytail thing doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, so I was cool with letting go of a few more inches.

I am of the opinion that hair can always grow back. Even bangs—even if it feels like you’ve done something permanent. (LOL been there.) I did the bangs thing several years ago and I really loved them for awhile, but after six months or so I was over the upkeep and let them grow out. No biggie.

Valuable life advice from wise, 30-year-old Lindsay Edwards: time heals all.

With this new look, I’m craving a few new pieces for winter: chunky high-neck sweaters, comfy coatigans, oversized scarves, and new brown boots.

Who loves a fresh cut? Ever try bangs?

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