ANOTHER New Job and Today Was My First Day

Two months ago, my 50-minute commute to work (each way) really started wearing on me.

It was about the time I moved from Boulder to Louisville, which added time to my drive. It was also when I really started to notice how early the sun was setting each evening. I was very happy at my job, I loved all my co-workers, the work was different than anything I’d done at a traditional ad agency, my boss was awesome, and my work-life balance was the most balanced it had been in years!

But…the commute. It was slowly killing me.

As it got darker and colder, I wasn’t able to meet friends before or after work for rides or hikes or even coffee; I had to be on the road before 8 a.m. to make morning meetings. I was missing Rapha events at the clubhouse because I couldn’t get back to Boulder in time. I drive an SUV, so gas and oil changes were adding up. You get it. I started putting feelers out for new opportunities closer to home. I had a hard enough time finding the job in Lakewood, so I didn’t expect instant success.

A couple weeks later, a few Copywriter jobs popped up online. I got so excited about one of them that I applied three times after getting no response a few weeks after each application. Boulder is a particularly creative town and competition is high, so I figured they had found someone else. A few days after my final application, and after a month of serious searching and applying, I got an interview. And then another. And then the team invited me to visit HQ. In my experience, most companies like this don’t hire so close to the holidays since things wind down the last couple months of the year, but after holding my breath for a week, I was offered the job! The hiring manager gave me a day or two to think it over, but I accepted immediately. It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. All I could think about was not sitting in the car for almost an hour twice a day.

So, here I am at…Crocs!

This is my first non-agency copywriting job and I’m pretty pumped for the change. Everyone I need to talk to is under one roof, and there are no clients to deal with—we are the client! And since Crocs is headquartered in Niwot, my commute was less than twenty minutes door to door. Praise!

Overall, I had a great first day. Everyone I met was so nice, people took the time to come find me and introduce themselves, the VPs all made me feel so welcome, and I got a new pair of Crocs as a welcome gift.

Crocs is a funny brand because people either love them or hate them; I’m not sure anyone is really on the fence, ya know? Since today was day one, it was really just about shaking hands, changing passwords, enrolling in healthcare, finding the bathrooms—the usual. But lucky for me, today was also the first day of their big sales meeting with reps from all over the country and world. I got to listen to executives talk about the expected growth of the company (IT’S YUGE) over the next several years, see the newest campaigns set to launch next year (THEY’RE UNREAL), and get a sneak peek of future collaborations (GET PUMPED).

After introductions, one of the VIPs in product marketing took the stage. She’s a slight, blonde-haired Brit with chiseled features and confidence that could kill. She began her presentation with a question—a power move—and slowly paced across the stage with the slide clicker in her hand. Her blonde bob was perfectly parted in the center with the left side tucked behind her ear. Every so often her diamond earring would catch the light and sparkle. She wore black Crocs bedazzled in charms and somehow pulled it off—like everyone else in the room. Every. Single. Person in the room was wearing Crocs. It kind of felt like walking around Disney and seeing everyone wearing the Mickey or Minnie ears. I was so mesmerized by her presence and conviction that I lost track of what she was saying. It didn’t matter because her accent carried the conversation. By the end of her presentation, my brain was buzzing; I felt drunk on whatever Koolaid she was serving. And I’m excited to grow with this team!

I attended a few more presentation sessions, shook some more hands, and dipped out a little after 5 p.m. with encouragement from my supervisor.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun, especially next year when Crocs really changes the game.

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