Scenes From Thanksgiving Week In Orlando, FL

Yesterday morning I left Orlando, Florida at 10:45 a.m. EST and walked through my door in Louisville, Colorado at 3:20 p.m. MST. Roughly seven hours. Does air travel not absolutely blow your mind? It’s obviously not a new phenomenon, but it still kind of does a number on my brain, ya know?

^^^ It’s friggin cold here, yo.

When I walked into my place, I immediately cranked my space heater up full blast. Colorado had gotten dumped on while I was away and the inside of my apartment was just as cold as the outside. I have a pretty small studio, so there’s no central air or heat—but the little guy works just fine heating it up. I threw my bags down on the floor next to my desk, sat down on my bed and looked out the window. The grey, winter weather outside made the day feel darker and moodier and colder than it actually was. And suddenly, with no one around, I felt lonely. I could hear my own breath, I noticed my own heartbeat. The silence and solitude I used to crave after a long stretch with family felt…sad.

But it made me smile because this was the shift I’d hoped for one day. When I could emerge from my unhappiness and depression, when I could enjoy the world around me, when I could miss my loved ones again, when I would crave connection and conversation, when maybe one day I’d be a ‘people-person’ again.

It’s now. This is growth. This is healing. This is…happiness.

Sitting there, cross-legged on my bed, warming up my fingers and toes in front of the space heater, I wished I was back in Florida enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers with my family. I wished I’d paid the extra $100 and flown home to Colorado on Sunday instead of Friday. And I was already counting down the days until I could return to Florida for Christmas. The sadness didn’t last long, it didn’t make me physically upset, and I didn’t cry. Because it was the right feeling to feel after leaving my loved ones.

Instead of unpacking, I stacked a mountain of blankets on my bed and slid underneath to watch part of The Irishman on Netflix before passing out around 10:30 p.m. Air travel in any capacity really takes it out of me.

I didn’t document my entire week at home because I was too busy soaking it all up. But here are a few of my favorite memories from the trip.

My sister and I took her two kids to this awesome jungle gym park near her house in Saint Cloud, and I had as much fun as her 3-year-old did on the swings. When we got home, I held her newest little guy for a little while, which is a big deal for me because I do not feel comfortable around babies, haha.


This isn’t a food blog, but this what I had for breakfast every day after my morning run. Cold grapes (not pictured), eggs and veggies sautéed in oil, salt and pepper, and Salad Supreme seasoning. It’s SO GOOD. I’m going to try and make my own seasoning blend this week.

I went for a bike ride in Tampa Bay on Tuesday thanks to a bike loan from a friend. It was so fun to ride familiar roads and then meet them afterward for coffee. I hadn’t ridden in over a week thanks to winter weather in Colorado, so it felt great to soak up some sunshine. 

I took approximately zero photos of our family’s Thanksgiving meal, but I did catch my mom prepping the apple pies earlier in the morning. Our whole house smelled like sweet cinnamon pastries—it was the best. 

This morning I’m heading out to hike with a dear friend who I haven’t caught up with in way too long, and I am so excited. The wind is supposed to be a little crazy later, but we are Coloradans and we’re tough and we can handle anything! That’s me giving myself a pep talk right now that I can refer back to later today when we’re being blown sideways on top of a mountain. 😉

Here are my first two posts about my week at home:

Surprising My Family

Hockey Game

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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