Things I Bought On Black Friday / Cyber Monday

It’s official. I’m sick and I feel like crap. Last night I had a mild headache and a premature tickle in my throat. Nothing major. But in the middle of the night I tossed and turned with body aches and hot/cold spells, then woke up with a stuffed up head and nose. I can’t remember the last time I was sick like this; it’s such a bummer.

I somehow pulled myself together enough to make it into the office this morning, but less than two hours into my day, my boss sent me home. There’s definitely something making its way around, and she didn’t want to be next.

Anyway, let’s talk about shopping instead!

I don’t do Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Well, I guess I don’t do them in the traditional sense, which is lining up outside stores or waiting to buy specific items right when the price gets knocked down at midnight. I don’t really need anything that badly. But this year, I did see some amazing deals on things I’ve had on a list in the back of my mind for awhile, and the prices were just too good to pass up.

Gap sweaters.

Gap Factory is having an insane fire sale on everything on their site right now. I actually shopped last week before they cut prices even more on Monday. Should’ve waited! I did a quick inventory of my closet a couple weeks ago and decided I wanted a couple more sweaters for work and life. Thankfully, my office environment is pretty casual, so I don’t need two separate wardrobes. I picked up two things: a black sweater with cute detailing that will match everything and this OMG HOW CUTE cozy Sherpa jacket I can throw on for warmer winter Colorado days. Currently on the edge of my seat waiting on shipping notifications.

Nordstrom Rack boots.

Nordstrom Rack also got me last week with an Instagram ad for these cute boots. I’ve been wearing my favorite J.Crew black leather booties almost every day and decided I wanted a sturdier but still cute pair of boots that could handle the snow and salt a bit better. I got these below but in black, which I think they’ve sold out of by now. $30 is hard to beat.


While I was at my sister’s house handwashing her beautiful pots and pans after Thanksgiving dinner last week, I thought about how badly I wanted to outfit my entire kitchen in All-Clad and Le Creuset and Staub and Scanpan and those fancy placecard holders that I’d never ever use but instead admire every so often. A girl can dream. Instead, I browsed Sur La Table’s sale section and found a set of Staub baking dishes that were basically free and fancy salt and pepper grinders I actually had my eye on for awhile—also almost free. I can’t wait to bake and season like a damn queen. Those arrive on Wednesday.

I cut myself off after those purchases because I still have gifts to buy for my family. But Friday is also payday soooooo…..

Do/did you shop the sales this year?

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