Sick Days and a Few Favorites

Have a little Friday coffee chat with me, won’t ya? 

Is it Friday? I have lost track of the days.

I’ve spent the last 72 hours quarantined in my apartment with a nasty cold that no amount of over-the-counter medicine can abate, and today is my first day back at work this week since Monday.

Every morning the past couple days has looked the same: I wake up under a blanket of used tissues, my head throbbing, my mouth dry yet sticky, my eyes heavy and puffy. I put on a pot of coffee, guzzle a cup of room temp water and light a candle. I crack a window to let in some fresh air, then drag myself over to my big comfy chair with a mug of coffee balancing on my laptop. Suddenly coffee doesn’t sound appetizing anymore, and I let it go cold. At my feet is a roll of toilet paper; it follows me everywhere. I take a big labored breath as I watch the flame flicker inside its glass jar. Mouth-breathing for three days straight is hard work.

I haven’t been that sick in…over a year? It sucks. I need people and stimulation and fresh air. I need movement and variety and refills of DayQuil Cold & Flu. I need structure. This? This is torture. My only sliver of excitement came Wednesday night when a package from Sur La Table arrived. I ordered myself new salt and pepper grinders, and some beautiful Staub baking dishes. Casseroles! Well-seasoned meals! This is excitement in your 30s, people.

I knocked out one work assignment after another, my toilet paper tissue pile growing hour by hour. On Tuesday, I listened to a couple argue outside my window across the street. That was an exciting fifteen minutes. On Wednesday, the garbage truck came at 12:30 p.m. Then the recycling at 2. Do I sound crazy? I felt crazy. And cooped up.

But today is Friday. Sweet, sweet Friday. And I made it to work where I had meetings and responsibilities, and I showered earlier than 4 p.m. What a delight. I didn’t realize how much I took my health for granted until I was told to go home by my co-workers and not come back until I felt better. Until I was trying to eat meals and breathe through my mouth at the same time. When I lived in Tampa, I was sick a lot because I was sad. I had headaches and colds and stomach ulcers and no appetite. I was tired all day every day. But I’m happy in Colorado, so it wasn’t depression that took me down this time but a bug making its way around town. I finally feel like I’m on the upswing, thank goodness.

Now that I’ve regained a sense of time, a few things I’m looking forward to this weekend is a bike ride in the sunshine we’re supposed to get tomorrow, coffee at one of my favorite shops in Boulder, hopefully some time with friends, getting my apartment back in order after traveling a week ago, and finishing up Christmas shopping. I WILL NOT wait until the week before again this year; it’s one of my fatal flaws.

In all my misery this week, there were still a few things I really loved:

I baked a casserole in my new Staub baking dish. Heavenly.

I listened to Part One of Sally and Kara’s conversation on the state of the sport. Moving.

I finally got my bike set up on the trainer, so I have no excuses to get in some winter miles.

Katie Levans has been sharing winter newsletters to help get us all through the darkest days, and they’re doing something to me. 

Smoothies were the only thing I could stomach the past few days, so I’ve been putting my Ninja blender to work. My favorite combo: mixed frozen berries, banana, spinach, almond or soy milk.

Stranger Things reruns. I heard they’re working on season four and I cannot wait. Hopper is still alive, right? RIGHT?

What have you been into lately? Have a great weekend!

One Reply to “Sick Days and a Few Favorites”

  1. I’m always looking for coffee conversations! If you’re down to have a recorded one with me (as a part of the project I’m doing on here, trying to have coffee calls with as many strangers as I can about wherever the convo goes), you can email me at Glad you’re feeling better!

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