Pre-Holiday Crazies: Work, Life, Crying on The Trails

This afternoon, I sat at my desk in front of my computer staring at a blinking curser on an empty Word document. It mocked me.

I just can’t focus this week. On work. On life. On the mountain of laundry in the corner of my room that I’m supposed to have already washed and packed since I’m flying out of town on Friday for six days.

Adulthood, man. I suck so far.

I did, however, finish all my Christmas shopping on December 12th, so that feels like a gigantic win. I’m just ready for Christmas, ya know? I’m ready to bake cookies with my mom and sit by the pool sipping coffee in the sunshine. We’re almost there!

Anyway. Speaking of work…

I’ve been at Crocs for one whole month already and, overall, if I can throw a blanket statement at ya…in-house life is better than agency life. It’s fact. You get one client, one team, one big vision, and NO TIMESHEETS. Do you also hear the angels singing? My co-workers are all amazing, super creative, open-minded, extremely patient, very supportive, and they genuinely love working at Crocs. It’s a fun brand! Yeah, the shoes are kinda funny, but that’s the fun of it. My two immediate bosses are just a handful of years older than me, have been with the company less than six months and basically get to build out their dream team from scratch since Crocs moved all their creative efforts in house. It’s cool to be part of that process.

One of the more exciting weeks recently was when our Post Malone collaboration clog dropped. We trended on Twitter that day and the shoes sold out in the United States in less than two hours! We played Post Malone in the office for hours that day. Lots of fun…and we’re just getting started!

Last week I got to know some of my co-workers a little better at our Top Golf outing. We took off around 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon to hit some golf balls, have some drinks, and celebrate the holidays a little early. I am terrible at golf, but pretty good at mingling when there are apps and drinks around.

Speaking of life…

Look at this fun pasta! Farfalloni! It means “big butterflies” in Italian.

And these twirly noods! They’re called Riccioli, which means “curls.”

I’ve been very into pasta lately, which isn’t like me. I’m not an Italian food fanatic, but I can’t get over noodles with olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s simple and carby and really satisfying sometimes, especially after long runs or bike rides.

Oh look—running. I went out for eight miles on Sunday morning because it’s been way too cold for bike riding. My gloves and shoe covers don’t cut it for temps below 35 degrees. Each winter as cyclocross season comes to an end and I transition from biking to running, I always get a little emotional about how much I miss running without a disability. Runners zoom by me with ease, enjoying long weekend runs with friends and there I am, limping like a pathetic loser in the woods by myself. I have come to terms with my condition, for the most part, but the first couple winter runs get me down. We’ll get through.

I think a little Florida sunshine will help my mood.

Hope you’re having a great week.

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